I am happy to announce that Confidentlovers has partnered with Lets Get Checked.

Lets Get Checked is a personal health testing company that provides a variety of blood tests all done from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Here is a screenshot of all the tests they offer:

Lets get checked Tests -Confidentlovers.com

The company was founded in Ireland in 2014, now headquartered in New York since 2017.

One of the company reps reached out to me a few months ago asking if I would be interested in a partnership to share their services with my readers.

I said, I might be, but I can’t recommend anything until I first test it myself. I spend most of my time living in S.E. Asia and unfortunately they don’t cover this part of the world yet.

Below is a list of countries where they have rolled out their products and services including the USA.

At Home STI Testing -ConfidentLovers.com


I reached out to a few of our readers based in the U.S. to see if they would be interested in trying the STI tests. A few of them said yes and the company shipped out the test kits.

The feedback was very positive – they liked the ease and convenience of using these kits.

One of our readers had to contact customer support because he had difficulty filling the vile, he said they were helpful and walked him through the process.

Here’s some more tips from the company to make the process easier:

  • We suggest shipping between Monday & Wednesday so the sample doesn’t get stuck in the post office over the weekend.
  • Most accurate when taken first thing in the morning and while fasting.
  • Make sure your hands are warm when collecting the sample, you are standing up and you are well hydrated.
  •  Always helps increase blood flow if you do a few jumping jacks or go for a brisk walk before taking the sample!

If you end up giving these test kits a try, please share your experience with me. I am always looking for the best people and companies to partner with and I always appreciate your feedback.