Genital mapping is a therapeutic technique used in sexological body work to help individuals better understand and connect with their genitalia. The process involves exploring the genitals through touch, visualization, and language.

The purpose of genital mapping is to learn the language of your genitals and feel what sensations you experience when touching all the areas.

  • Is there pleasure?
  • Is there numbness?
  • Is there pain?
  • Is there heightened sensation?

By gaining greater understanding of your anatomy, you can communicate more effectively with your lover and increase your overall sexual awareness.

Genital mapping also helps identify any physical discomfort or pain in the genital area, which may be an indication of a medical condition that requires further evaluation, treatment or healing.

Benefits of Genital Mapping

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Increased self-knowledge.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Being more comfortable in your body.
  • Better understanding of your lover’s body.
  • Learning to name your genital anatomy.  
  • Helps speaking to your doctor should you ever have any genital issues.

Genital mapping is not just a physical practice but often an emotional and spiritual one. It’s about exploring your body free of judgement, shame and guilt.

Genital Mapping For Women – Self Practice

Option 1: Sit in-front of a mirror while touching and naming all the areas on your beautiful vulva.

Below is the medical terminology of the vulva, but I prefer to keep things fun and original and come up with my own fun names for my vulva.

Option 2: Touching different parts of your vulva while taking your awareness to each area and feeling the sensations as you built your arousal levels.

Fun Partnered Practice: Once you learn how to name your genitals and what sensations you enjoy and don’t enjoy, then you get to take your partners fingers, mouth or penis on discovery tour of your body.

Genital Mapping for Men

I was recently speaking to a male colleague as I wanted to get his view on the benefits of Penis mapping from a man’s point of view.

He said it’s amazing how most men including older men only know about their “cock”, the “head of the cock” and ‘their balls’, anything else hasn’t been given much thought or has never been named.

For example: The frenulum -one of the most sensitive parts of the penis for most men.

Or pulling of the scrotum and touching it slowly, which so many men have never experienced.

He advised that the best way for men to practice Penis mapping is to start by touching themselves in a completely different way than their habitual way when they are masturbating. Start slowly from the glands and work their way down to the perineum.

It’s learning about different textures of the penis and learning the ‘whole’ anatomy of it.

Practicing Genital Mapping Together

It’s best to start these types of practices by first giving a full body sensual massage to relax the body.

Once the massage is complete, the receiving partner lays down on their back, while the giving partner gently starts touching the different parts of the genitals.

The focus is on creating a relaxing, safe and nurturing environment where the giver uses a variety of techniques, including gentle touch and pressure, to help the receiver release any tension or emotional blocks from the body.

This increased awareness can lead to more fulfilling sexual experiences, both alone and with a partner.

Cover Art |Mark Kostabi