Updated on October 10,2019

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When most of us hear the word “reflexology” we think of a nice, relaxing, foot massage. I bet you’ve never seen the chart below hanging up in your local reflexology spa.

Genital Reflexology

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While I was attending a week-long workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand – we were introduced to Genital Reflexology.

I had never heard of this term before.

It turns out our genitals contain some of the most powerful reflex points in the human body.

Genital reflexology theory says that stimulating certain parts of the genitals balance the chi that corresponds with that organ. Regular stimulation of all these areas promotes health and vitality.

Maybe you won’t be moaning  “I love it when you pleasure my kidney!” but you will feel the positive emotions.

It’s also believed that if one area is over stimulated more frequently, then the corresponding organ can become weak and create adverse physical and emotional symptoms.

Example For Men

If the head of the penis is stimulated more than the shaft, then the heart and the lungs will be over-stimulated which can then cause poor circulation, anxiety, respiratory conditions and sadness.

Example For Women

If the clitoris receives regular stimulation, but the vagina is ignored this can lead to an imbalance of the kidneys which can then cause memory loss, bladder conditions, back or knee pain and much more.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are five primary organs that correspond with our genitals.

1) Liver:

Healthy: Feeling generous, caring, sympathetic and confident.

Sick: Feeling frustrated, greedy and angry.

2) Spleen:

Healthy: Feeling grounded, centered, and open.

Sick: Consumed with anxiety, stress and worry.

3) Lungs:

Healthy: Feeling present, awake, and alive.

Sick: Feeling depressed, regretful, and self-critical.

4) Heart:

Healthy: Feeling content, enthusiastic and joy for no reason.

Sick: Feeling thoughtless, impatient, and lazy.

5) Kidney

Healthy: Feeling at peace, calm and gentle.

Sick: Feelings of shame, guilt and fear.

In order to have healthy, functioning genitals we need a rich supply of blood flow.

When this blood flow becomes blocked or stagnant the human sexual arousal response is greatly affected.

With poor blood flow to the genital area men will experience difficulty in getting and maintaining erections.

A woman’s arousal also depends on a healthy blood flow, as she will have difficulty with producing sexual fluids necessary for penetration as well as getting the proper swelling in her labia and clitoris.

The teacher also said that the primary purpose of for lovemaking is to transform sexual energy into healing energy and vitality resulting in better health.

I believe that variety is the spice of life, varying strokes and positions is a great way to energize the chi of each organ.

I leave you with a pleasurable health and wellness program.


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