A man recently asked me, do you know why so many men have names for their penises?

I said, “I am sure I can think of a couple of reasons, but what’s yours”?

He answered, “would you like to be bossed around by someone you didn’t even know? – I started laughing so hard.

A man’s relationship to his penis may be the most important relationship of his life and penis envy is a male phenomenon.

Throughout my work I’ve come to realize that penis size is a common insecurity that many men share, because so many men compare their penis size to what they see in porn.

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What most men don’t realize is that porn is all about camera angle, performance and lot of editing. It has nothing to do with feeling deep pleasure and connection.

Most of these insecurities and anxieties are at times self -imposed or have come from their lover who has made him feel insecure because of his size.

When a lover projects this type of attitude, it can really make a man feel self-conscious about a body part he cannot change.

For a woman to experience any type of an orgasm (nipple, anal, vaginal) she does NOT require having a big penis, nor is the potency of a woman’s orgasm determined by a man’s penis size.

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Throughout my travels, I’ve asked over a thousand women of different shapes and sizes if they NEED a big penis to have an orgasm, and NO ONE has said yes so far.

Sometimes, what’s more important is that your penis is a good fit with her vagina.

According to Taoists teachings women have different depths of vaginas as men have different penis sizes.

The depths are:

  • Shallow
  • Medium
  • Deep

A large penis needs a deep vagina. A shallow vagina may not be able to comfortably accommodate a big penis as it may be too painful.

On the other hand, a shorter penis may have trouble satisfying a deep vagina. Here is a quick tip for short penises and deep vagina’s making love.

Curling her legs towards her chest shortens her vaginal canal and allows him to penetrate deeper.

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Comparing the size of a man’s penis is like comparing the size of a woman’s breasts. Is a woman a better lover because she has bigger breasts?

Of course not! What’s more important in our lover is their personality, attitude and kindness.

A recent study from OMGYES.com  asked women from ages 18-95, what is important in a great sex partner, here are their answers. 

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Most women are attracted to the sensuality of sex – not only to the sex act itself, but to the richness of the whole experience.

For a woman, the richness of the experience has a greater impact than having a big penis. A woman wants 100% of you not just your penis.

Humor – Celebrating Your Sex

There was an order of monks in a remote monastery who copied important church documents by hand. Year after year they copied from copies. Over and over.

Century after century. Then one day a particularly conscientious monk questioned his superior about it and asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be wiser to copy from the original rather than from a copy?’

After some thought, the superior said, ‘Our order has been doing this for hundreds of years, but you may have a point. Go to the archives and examine the originals to make sure they’re accurate.’

So the monk went down into the archives and didn’t return for days. Finally, another monk was sent to look for him. He found the first monk weeping inconsolably.

When he asked him what was wrong, the first monk sobbed, “The word isn’t celibate, it’s celebrate’.”

The Way a Man Defines Himself Is A Choice.

A man’s sexual insecurities can destroy his ability to function sexually, and instead of enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures he becomes over powered by fear and anxiety.

Your body has great wisdom and can teach you a lot. Listen to it. Your body is beautiful, love it, respect it and be grateful that it serves you so well.

“For some, sex leads to sainthood; for others it is the road to hell… all depends on one’s point of view.” —Henry Miller