Men are obsessed with the size of their penis’, but little do they know giving a woman a clitoral, G-spot, or vaginal orgasm does NOT require having a big penis, nor is the potency of a woman’s orgasm determined by a man’s penis size.

Throughout my travels, I’ve asked thousands of women of different shapes and sizes if they NEED a big penis to have an orgasm, and NO ONE has said yes so far.

What’s more important is that your penis is a good fit with her vagina.

What do I mean by this?

According to Taoists women have different depths of vaginas as men have different penis sizes.

The depths are:

  • Shallow
  • Medium
  • Deep

A large penis needs a deep vagina. A shallow vagina may not be able to comfortably accommodate a big penis.

On the other hand, a shorter penis may have trouble satisfying a deep vagina. If you feel inadequate because you think you have a small penis, here is a useful tip.

Useful Tip: During penetration bring her legs to her chest in missionary position, because this will shorten her vaginal canal and allow you to penetrate her deeper.

Does Size Really Matter- MissionaryIf you want to see how to properly do this then check out the A-spot video.

Size Comparison

Comparing the size of a man’s penis is like comparing the size of a woman’s breasts. Is a woman a better lover because she has bigger breasts?

Of course not! For most men, it’s just an exciting and stimulating visual, but it doesn’t make her a better lover.

A recent study from  asked women from ages 18-95, what is important in a great sex partner, here are their answers. 

OMGYes and

Most women are attracted to the sensuality of sex – not only to the sex act itself, but to the richness of the whole experience.

For a woman, the richness of the experience has a greater impact than just having a big penis.

To put things in perspective, to stimulate most woman’s G-spot you only need 2 – 4 inches maximum (5.08 -10.16 cm).

Does Size Really Matter for Women?

 Tamar, from Lebanon says:
“I am not going to lie; I just can’t handle a big penis. I am always sore the next day, and most of the time it hurts.  I prefer a penis that is small or medium, which I can enjoy and not be sore the next day.”

Apple, from Hong Kong says:
“I can’t really tell if it’s bigger or smaller than the previous guy or what’s considered “average?” They all look the same to me – the difference is if  the guy knows how to use it.”

Mary, from USA says:
“For a woman who loves to explore my body, I LOVE a man with a small penis, because he hits my G-spot the best, especially when we are doing the spooning position. All my other lovers with a big or medium penis’ just bypass my G-spot. The guy with the small penis is perfect for pleasuring all my right spots.”

Mika, from Estonia says:
“I think that a lot of men can be too negative and concerned about their penis size. I love when a man is confident and doesn’t brag  about himself in any way. That’s so SEXY…no matter his size.”

Sexual Health Benefits

From a health perspective the Taoist Masters believe that the benefits of a perfect fit is important because each organ is stimulated and strengthened during sex.

Taoist healing art divides the penis and vagina into areas that correspond to the major organs of the body as seen in this diagram below.

Does Size Really Matter- Genital Reflexology

The tip of the penis corresponds to the heart. The tip of the tongue,  also corresponds to the heart. In the Vagina the order is reversed. The heart area is located inside the vagina around the cervix.

This means when the penis is fully inserted, the heart areas of each partner lines up perfectly.

 Gentlemen, remember you have 3 powerful tools:

  • Your Mouth
  • Your Hands
  • Your Penis

A great lover never stops using his hands. If you still think you have a small penis then leverage your hands and mouth.

Master the “art of foreplay” if you are really conscious about your penis size.