Years ago, I stumbled upon an app called Healing Feelings, by Karol K. Truman, and the legendary author Louise Hay, who explored the emotional roots of diseases.

Each organ, muscle, and layer of fascia contributes to our emotional processing, holding the key to unlocking profound healing.

The human body, is truly a wonder of intelligence, recording every unprocessed experience encountered throughout our lives. From joyous moments to traumatic episodes, our bodies serve as a living testament to our emotional history.

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One voice in this conversation is David Manning, whose insightful videos on Instagram explain the emotions intertwined with various bodily ailments.

The one he has on bladder infections is particularly eye opening as it’s a very common condition.

Here is what David wrote about the emotional dimensions intertwined with bladder infections during sex.

Healing Bladder Infections Through Emotions

“There are millions of reports of women describing frequent bladder infections after getting physical with a man. It’s commonly brushed off with the idea that during penetration, bacteria can be introduced to the urethra.

But consider this, the bladder empties itself one directionally and cleans itself every time you go to the bathroom. So, it is very unlikely that a healthy bladder is simply overwhelmed by bacteria over and over again.


The bladder is an organ of sensitivity; its own muscular walls react highly sensitively to our emotional and physical environments. This is an adaptation from mammals. Think about what dogs do with urine; they mark their territory, thus the bladder is highly interlinked with the topic of external and emotional boundaries.


The kidneys are highly responsive to fear and anxiety, as their own adrenal glands create the biochemical components of fear – Adrenaline and Noradrenaline. They build a functional unit with the bladder through the creation and disposal of urine. Thus, the bladder reacts highly sensitively to threats: think about how humans and mammals urinate when they get scared.


Sex is a play of shadows. It utilizes the hidden life force energy which we don’t allow in day-to-day life. This includes wanting to dominate or to be subjugated.

These ancient roles trigger our feminine and masculine shadows. And one of the most ancient topics in the feminine is self-devaluation and submission to power, and the almost natural crossing of one’s own boundaries that comes with that. The bladder is affected by this because it is innervated by the pudendic nerve, the nerve of sexual arousal.

What the bladder is really saying when you get a bladder infection after intercourse is: 
“I’m tapping into a part of me that does not feel safe, feels small, and feels guilty expressing my boundaries – with this person or situation.”

In my experience: The more painful the infection is, the more held-back anger is stored there. This is because anger is the antidote to unset boundaries. “

In the journey to holistic healing, understanding the language of our organs becomes the key to unlocking the door to profound self-healing.