About Christina Antonyan

Christina Antonyan-Confidentlovers.com

I  was tuned into my body and my erotic innocence at a very young age. My beautiful, loving mother thought something was wrong with me, because she didn’t know any better.

Unknowingly, she tried selling me sexual shame from a very young age. To my relief  she was a terrible sales woman, because I wasn’t buying any of it.

Curiosity has always been my driving force. I have a mindset of lifetime improvement. I travel, explore, share, and practice what I learn.

I’ve traveled to over 60 countries, teaching, speaking, giving workshops and learning from wonderful teachers. I’ve engaged in hundreds of conversations with singles and couples willing to share their most intimate sexual practices, experiences, pleasures, and frustrations.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in countries like India, Thailand and Bali learning Tantric and Taoist teachings.

Sex can’t be understood in can only be experienced in depth, which goes beyond the rational mind.

In order to experience that depth we first have to become aware of our patterns, upgrade and change how culture, media, religion, environment and tech influence our sexual beliefs and behaviours.

I specialize in figuring out how Ancient sexual teachings, Tech and Science applies to the human of today, who has endless stimulation options.

For more than 15 years, I have been studying and exploring sexual health, sexual pleasure, and the art of lovemaking.

I am not a guru. I am on a mission to change the way we talk about sexuality from a place of purity and debunk age old myths that no longer serve us.

Until my early 20’s sex always fell short of my desired and ultimate fulfillment and left me feeling incomplete. I felt disconnected from my body, my partner and from the whole sexual experience.

I went as far as getting my G-spot injected, hoping this would explain my vaginal insensitivity and allow me the possibility to experience orgasm during sex, but it didn’t work for me, because I was forcing something to happen.

What caused this disconnection? – Porn.

It wasn’t until I met an older gentleman, who taught me how to slow down, relax, trust, surrender, and connect with myself and with each other on a level I’ve never experienced before.

This man made it safe for me to surrender and open up to receiving pleasure.

At the time he knew more about my body than I did and for the first time I had an orgasm during sex. Very soon after I experienced multiple orgasms.

Prior to meeting him I use to think my pleasure was based on a man’s satisfaction, because my sexual education came from porn. I didn’t know how to fully receive his pleasure since I made it all about him.

In a short time my frustrations, unfulfilling habits and what I thought sex ‘should’ be changed.

Today, sexuality has a completely different meaning for me. The depth, the power of Eros, the subtle sensations and learning how to relax into pleasure have been nothing short of magic.

I have no agenda to push, no theory to prove and no one to impress. I am just sharing the wisdom I’ve learned over the years.

My Purpose: End The Sexual Dark Ages

I am on a mission to bring sexuality out of the Dark Age. Sexuality becomes the source of our love, peace and happiness instead of the source of our shame, guilt, trauma, pain, performance and anxiety. 

I truly believe the secret to the universe is between our legs…. I’ve never seen any healing or happiness come from shame, guilt, anxiety or punishment.

It’s time to celebrate, honor and understand one of life’s greatest forces.

I impart my knowledge and experience to give you the necessary tools, guidance and resources to become confident lovers.