I recently watched a fascinating documentary called Sacred Water . I was in admiration of how the Rwandan culture spoke about female pleasure and more surprisingly about female ejaculation.

The documentary uncovers the mystery of female ejaculation and reveals it with humor and spontaneity.

This ancient technique is called Kunyaza, you can read more about it here. It’s also practiced in parts of Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and other African countries.

I was even more captivated by how the men approached and talked about female pleasure  – it’s so beautiful.

Quotes from Men:

  • “The woman must feel relaxed and you must thank her for her water.”
  • ‘”If I don’t do Kunyaza to my wife, it creates disharmony in our relationship.”
  • “When I do Kunyaza, I tune into her and I feel like a man when she squirts her water on me.”
  • “As a man, if you want to do Kunyaza, you have to learn how to control your excitement and go easy.”

According to the local radio host in the documentary many Rwandese women are capable of ejaculating. The older women teach younger girls how to prepare their body to receive Kunyaza.

Science is still debating whether female ejaculation is ‘pee’ or not. According to Sheri Winston, “In ancient India, female ejaculate was known as sacred Amrita or the Nectar of Life.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s called White Moon Flower Medicine.”

Difference Between Female Ejaculate and Urine

From my own experience, I can 100% confirm that this fluid is NOT pee.

I’ve trained my body for months to learn how to have this experience and for me there is a distinct feeling between ejaculating and urinating.

1) When I urinate, it’s a stream of urine coming out of my body.

When I need to ejaculate – it’s an intense feeling of release that gushes out of me like an explosion even if it’s just a few drops.

I feel profound connection to my feminine nature and sometimes it’s a metaphysical experience instead of a physical release.

2) Urine has a very distinct smell. Female ejaculation sometimes doesn’t smell or it smells sweet.

Where Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

Sheri Winston says the fluid originates in the circulatory system.

“The watery part of the blood, the plasma diffuses through the wall of the capillaries, enters the glandular tubule, mixes with the products of the gland and then emerges into the urethra.”

Female Ejaculation-Confidentlovers.com

More Fun Facts

  • Female Ejaculation can be a few drops, fill up a wine glass wet an entire bed, or shoot across the room.
  • Since the liquid originates in the circulatory system, there is huge amount of fluid available. Women can continue to produce this liquid and have repeated and abundant amounts of ejaculate.
  • A woman can ejaculate once, repeatedly, sometimes, frequently, or always.
  • Female ejaculation doesn’t always happen simultaneously with an orgasm. It can happen with high level of arousal.
  • Female Ejaculation and urine both come out of the urethra, but female ejaculate doesn’t have the same chemical makeup as urine. The fluid doesn’t contain urea or nitric acid.
  • Female ejaculation isn’t the same thing as lubrication produced in the vagina. Lubrication comes from the inner walls of the vagina and it’s slick and slippery. Female ejaculation comes out of the pee hole and it’s watery.
  • Every woman’s experience is different as it depends on her openness, the connection she has to her body, her arousal level, how safe she feels with her partner and many other variables.

Female Ejaculation Is Learnable

Some women are natural ejaculators while other women have no desire to learn this skill. I could personally say that experiencing ejaculatory orgasms could be intense, pleasurable and feel exquisite.

For me, female ejaculation is an expression of the erotic feminine on a path of truth, clarity, and purification.

My friend Sara and I recorded a podcast on this very topic – Take a listen here.  You can also check out the Better in Bed Podcast on itunes and Spotify for more intriguing conversations.