What Are a Woman’s Hot Spots?

Certain parts of a woman’s body have heightened sensitivities and sensations to touch, bites, licks and sounds. Most women love to be nurtured, teased and touched before they are pleased.

A woman’s sexuality is spread all throughout her body. Teasing these areas will awaken her sensuality and tantalize her to bliss.Woman's Hidden Hot Spots

Not all women are created equally. Some women love having their ears nibbled, while others find it annoying. Here are some common areas most women love.

Starting from Top – Bottom


Her Hidden Hot Spots -headThe scalp is an enjoyable spot for a massage. Some women love massages while others prefer to be petted like a cat or have their hair played with.


her Hidden Hot Spots LipsThe lips are a very tender and a sensual part of a woman’s body. This is one of the main reasons women love foreplay because sensual and genuine kissing feels divine.

Women can get heavily aroused just from passionate kissing. If you want to amplify this intimate feeling, then caress her bottom lip gently with your thumb.


Her Hidden Hot Spots NeckSometimes just breathing on her neck will give her goose bumps. The most sensitive spots of the neck are along the sides.

A soft bite followed by caressing the area with your lips or licking softly will have juicy effects on her.

The skin on the neck is very sensitive, biting hard can be pleasurable or painful depending on her sensitivity. Just don’t leave unwanted marks.

Back of the Neck (the nape)

Her Hidden hot Spots Back of NeckA lot of women love this area because it sends tingles down their spines. Just breathing gently on this area will give her shivers.

So imagine the effects you will have on her if you gently bite, blow, kiss or lick this area.

There are several sensations that can be felt in this area. The feeling can be sensual, animalistic or just raw.


Hidden hot Spots -EarsThe ears are filled with nerve endings around the lobe and inside the ear. There is a lot you can do with the ear because the ear canal is highly sensitive to vibrations – whispering naughty words will even bring some women to orgasm.

The sweet spot for many is located on the  bottom area of the earlobe. This area is soft and contains a lot of nerve endings. Caress the bottom of the earlobe with your lips or gently bite the lobe to create a  teasing sensation.

Arms – Hands – Fingers

Hidden Hot Spots ArmsMany women enjoy having the inside of their wrists caressed,kissed, and nibbled. The wrists are very sensitive because of the soft, thin layer of skin covering this area.

Others go crazy from gentle licks on the webs between the fingers.


Hidde Hots Spots NipplesThe wonderful breasts are the gateway to a woman’s sexuality. The most sensitive areas of the breasts are the nipples.

Most women have greater sensitivity in their right nipple versus the left nipple.

Caress and lick softly in the beginning to awaken her breasts. If you start out rough, she may become tense or you could hurt her. Tease them and make them the center of your attention during lovemaking.


Her Hidden Hot Spots -SacrumThe sacrum is an amazing place to touch her with a warm, open hand or fingertips, while sending your love into the base of the spine. For some women this is a sacred place. Feather-like strokes up and down the spine will expand her body’s energy and feel electrifying.

Inner Thighs

Woman's Hidden Hot Spots -Inner thighsThis area has many ticklish sensations and loves the feel of your fingertips or the tip of your tongue. Kiss lightly as you move closer to her sweet spot – she will be shivering with anticipation.



Woman's hot spots-buttSome women hold unexpressed sexual energy in their legs, thighs, and butt. Massaging her butt and her legs can awaken the sexual energy held in those areas. The butt has two acupressure points right in the center of each butt cheek.

The Backs of the Knees

Woman's Hidden Hot Spots- Back of Legs and thighs

In the backs of the knees, there are hundreds of tiny nerve endings located in the soft skin, which makes this area very sensitive to touch.

After you have finished with her feet, allow your fingers to travel up and caress the backs of her knees, follow this up by licking the area softly with the tip of your tongue and possibly some light nibbling.


Ever wonder why so many of us are ticklish on the bottoms of our feet? It’s because our feet and toes have the most nerve endings in our body.

There are women who enjoy having their feet touched or massaged and some even enjoy having their toes licked or sucked. Some women can actually orgasm from a foot rub alone.

The ankles are covered with very delicate skin loaded with nerve endings, which can send chills all over her body if you caress, lick or gently bite it.

Final Suggestions

A woman’s beautiful body is your playground. There are so many areas to touch, kiss, and caress to awaken her sexuality. Her body is full of areas to explore.

Gentle touching creates intimacy and trust. You will notice her body responding positively in appreciation to your touch.

More importantly, when you touch her – be present. There’s a big difference between mindlessly touching her and really focusing on how her skin feels and what you are trying to communicate with your touch.

Awareness brings more pleasure for both of you. She can sense the feeling in your hands. When you are aware of what you are doing, you will do it with confidence and thoughtfulness, and you will be rewarded.

Having a sense of confidence in your touch can make a big difference in your intimacy level, because she will relax and allow herself to be taken away into the wonderful world of sensations that you are giving her.

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