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Sexual Education. We stay curious, experiment, ask questions, share our knowledge & experiences through our blog and video courses.

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For the evolved minds who no longer benefit from living in a world of taboos. Instead they crave depth, pleasure & connection.

Our Passion

Replace taboo, shame, guilt, performance and lack of emotional awareness with beauty, pleasure, laughter, freedom and self love.

Why We Love What We Do

Because Sex can be experimental, fun, playful, wild, awkward, uncertain, unpredictable & full of mystery.

How Can We Help?

What is Sacred Sexuality?

It’s undeniable that there is a great secret power hidden in the sexual forces that reside within all of us. Many of us can feel the difference between casual sex (only a physical experience) and emotionally connected sex, but what is sacred sex?


The New Sexual Man

The Truth About Men, Sex, and Pleasure. The traditional model of sex focuses on male performance rather than creating pleasure for each other. The old model of sex is being replaced by a new model. So, who’s the NEW SEXUAL MAN?


How A Woman Receives & Experiences Pleasure

It’s no secret that women experience pelasure differently. A small difference in rhythm, speed, pressure, and angle can have the biggest impact between pleasure and discomfort. So how does a woman receive and experience pleasure?


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Erotic Touch

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  • There is nothing more erotic, sensual, powerful or healing than being deeply touched by your lover.
  • In this 3- part video course you will learn how to use your hands and touch your lover like never before.
  • Your touch will become a new language.
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