This course doesn’t teach you the basics.

Instead we dive deep into a woman’s anatomy and her pleasure centers explaining the mind, body and spirit connection.

We give you new perspectives on things you might already know or not know.

Nope. This is for both genders, specifically for those who want to learn about a woman’s sexual pleasure and understand her physiology on deeper level and create more intimacy.

So far we’ve had many women who have purchased the course to understand and get to know their own body on a deeper level.

These videos are also great for couples to watch together.

Lots! Being a ConfidentLover is like learning any other skill in life.

When you learn about her anatomy you understand how she receives pleasure and create an intimate bond with her.

There are 8-Videos. Total time is 60 minutes. The longest video is 10 minutes. The shortest is just under 3 minutes.

Well. Well. Well. We love your eagerness and happy to have more masters around.

We use a platform called Thinkific (Click Here to Login). Once the purchase is made, you will receive your login details.

Use the login details to access the video course.

You must have wifi to stream the videos, otherwise there will be no takeoff (pun intended).

WOW. Maybe we should hire you to give us some lessons, come join our team.

We give you 30 days to discover the fascinating female sexual anatomy.

If you already know everything we give your money back, no questions asked.

This is a one-time charge. It’s like buying a book, you buy it once and it’s yours.

With those special skills how can we say ‘No.’?

We are always looking for cunning linguists, story tellers, writers and contributors.

But, let’s first get acquainted and see if we’re a good match. Check out our ‘Write For Us Page.’

We only prefer to see your nice side, life is too short to be any other way.

Plus we don’t mesh well with mean people and we have no patience or tolerance for that kind of behavior.

We don’t allow racial slurs or anything we consider offensive and vulgar.

If you are spamming our readers or trying to promote your website your comments will not display.

We had to google the term “DVD” to help us out. Just kidding.

We get it, the internet can sometimes be a bit scary, but our videos are only streamed online because it’s quick access and there is no shipping and waiting.

The company we are using is reliable and secure. You can learn more about them here .

Fantastic. We may love you in the future too. At the moment we are not accepting any advertisements.

Let us know what you have in mind and we will contact you once we start the program.  

We love and enjoy collaborating with humorous and fascinating movers and doers. Send us an email here support@confidentlovers.com

Subject line: Collaboration.

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