My wife and I are retired teachers in our 70’s. Prior to quarantine we both had extremely busy lives full of meetings, projects and grandparent duties we both enjoy very much.

We’ve rarely made time for intimacy or sex even though we share many other interests.

The quarantine has been a blessing for us to spend much needed time together without any distractions or too many daily responsibilities.

I know some couples don’t feel this way and their getting a divorce as soon as this is all over, but for us this has been a miracle of renewed love, intimacy, sex and friendship.

It has been the best time we’ve ever had together after being married for 39 years. Tantric practices have played a huge role in this miracle of joy and happiness.

We started to talk more, we’ve spent pleasant time just sitting and sharing without any distractions.

I took yoga, meditation and tantra sessions online and shared all of it with her.

She opened up to all the new experiences. One tantra teacher suggested a 30-day sex or intimacy challenge, and we have taken it—we are on day 21 now and loving it.

In 39 years we’ve never had this much intimate closeness or sexual play that lasts for hours, not even when we first got married.

In the process we have discovered many sensual pleasure tools to enhance our intimate connection:

  • Slow erotic touch
  • Gentle full body massage
  • Candles and incense
  • Beautiful Music

In the past we never thought about any of these things as essential until we incorporated them into our intimacy, maybe that’s why we never had the intimacy we have today.

Transitioning from daily life into a space designed specifically to make love creates the most delightful experiences, because enter a space of play, relaxation, sharing, we both know what we are there for and neither one of us is in a rush.

Sacred Space

We have found new ways to experience sexual pleasure.

We have discovered a variety of new orgasms, but also that orgasms are not always necessary for pleasure (semen retention has many wonderful benefits for both of us).

We told each other what we like and don’t like, what we fear, and what we desire deep down.

We edged each other for hours. We laughed a lot, we cried a little and fell in love all over again.

As we watch the world go through this prolific transition, we developed a greater appreciation for what we have and what we’ve created together throughout all these years – a stable home, wonderful grown children and little grandchildren.

We express appreciation and gratitude daily to each other. We hug often throughout the day, we pinch butts for fun and we sometimes walk around naked.

We have yet to have our first argument or harsh words (it may happen, and this just part of life). We have stepped back and analyzed what’s really important in life, and embraced those things.

Lessons We Learned

  • Slow down our pace of life.
  • Slow down our approach to intimacy, pleasure and sexuality.
  • Talk and don’t be afraid to share our deepest desires, fears, likes and dislikes.
  • Be honest and open.
  • Look for the good in each other.
  • Examine what really matters in our lives.
  • Show appreciation for what we have, and do not focus on what we do not have.
  • Be open to love, growth, learning, changing and improving, this never stops no matter how old we are.

Spending a lot of time together and sharing activities has really given us a fresh look at the importance of prioritizing our relationship and staying connected.