Creating sexual place for lovemaking should feel like your pleasure garden, your temple of fulfillment and your ultimate delight.

When lovers enter into a sexual connection without first creating their sexual space, they often find themselves physically close, but emotionally absent.

Throughout history, sacred sites have been places of journey and transformation, offering a gateway through which we attune ourselves to the divine.


Many sacred sites are still active in today’s world, revealing a basic human need to absorb in the blessings for those who are open to receive the transmission.

Some of these sites are:

What Makes These Places Sacred?

Such places were given recognition by Shamanic practitioners and adopted as a portal to universal energy by those following the wisdom of the Shaman.

The magic of sacred places is in part given by nature and in part integrating human intention.

Some sacred places are so old that nobody knows exactly why or how they are infused with mystical vibrations.

From such portals, it is easy to access other dimensions of reality.

When people meditate in a certain place over time, the spiritual vibration of the area is enhanced and begins emitting a feeling of peace and spiritual energy.

Just as we can infuse water with our thoughts and change the vibration of the water, places are infused with the vibration of what happens inside them.

Sacred Architecture

In ancient times, the art of sacred architecture was considered of paramount importance, making buildings in such a way that amplified divine vibrations.

Keith Critchlow who specializes in sacred geometry and sacred architecture reveals that sacred temples and cathedrals all use the harmony of yin and yang, masculine and feminine symbolism in equal measure throughout the whole structure.

This brings a magnetic quality of power, beauty and grace to the building.

Siamak Hariri also said in his Ted Talk “You know you aspire for beauty, for sensuousness, for atmosphere, the emotional response.

That’s the realm of the indescribable and the immeasurable.”

Creating Your Sacred & Sexual Space

If sacred sites around the world have the power to transform us and sacred architecture evokes beauty, sensuousness and a type of atmosphere that gives an emotional response – why not create a sacred sexual space designed for the type of sexual expression (s) you want to experience?

We have a variety of sexual expressions:

In the Dagara tribe they believe that a “couple’s intimacy is not about the pursuit of pleasure. It’s the pursuit of a kind of power that only spirit can give in a sacred context.

It’s not going to be found in a casual place, it’s going to be in a place turned into a shrine, an altar, a sacred space.

By creating a sacred space, we open ourselves to other spirits and we give ourselves permission to completely open up to another.

We allow each other to be our true self and to be fully present.”

Adding Special Touches

Colors & Soft Materials

Incorporate color and soft bed sheets like silk for your space that will bring you back into natural balance and add an erotic flair.


Nothing like beautiful fire light that makes your skin glow. Avoid all electric light in the room where you make love, light candles instead.

Even camping lanterns can give a soft glow to the room. Or go dark completely by taking away your visual senses.

Natural Fragrances/Oils

Choose any scent that makes you feel sensual.

The most common sensual smells are musk, sandalwood, vanilla, rosewood, ylang ylang, clary sage, and sometimes patchouli.


Playing sounds that bring you into harmony, or awaken your raw sexuality. It all depends on what you are in the mood for.

Here are some spaces that will tantalize your imagination.

 Bali – The Moon House 

Moon House Bali

Somewhere in Switzerland


Bali- Bubble Hotel


“Play, play, play with sex…. Mix what you call the sacred with the sacrilegious, for until you see your altars as the ultimate place for love, and your bedrooms as the ultimate place for worship, you see nothing at all. You think sex is separate from God? I tell you this: I am in your bedroom every night!” —God, Conversations with God, III