Her tears drip down my suit, because her husband is “too busy” on business trips and can’t hold a conversation without mentioning the words “profit” or “spreadsheet”.

He’s there, but his not present.

For a few hours most Friday evenings, she enters a world where she is the main focus.

Most of my clients turn up in luxury cars and lead reputable brands.

Some don’t have time to find love and companionship – as one client stated, “My success seems to intimidate men, acting as a sort of repellent”.
My dad is a Pentecostal pastor. My Sundays as a teenager were spent playing the church keyboard, during praise and worship.
I decided to become a male escort for the money in the beginning.

As a new graduate, I dreamed of traveling the world, getting a mortgage and driving a Range Rover. I couldn’t do that on £15 an hour.
I make £120 an hour as an escort, on occasion my clients buy me expensive gifts, or give me tips in the form of fat envelopes.
The first thing that attracted me was the money, but something else makes me stay.
I don’t have sex with my clients. They pay for something more profound than that – companionship.


Over time, I build a strong bond with them.

They show me pictures of their kids, how well they are doing in school, and the latest disagreement or argument they’ve had with their boyfriends/husbands.

One client, even FaceTime’s her boyfriend while we are together, and he is aware that she sees an escort.
He plays for a top team in the Premier League and frequently travels. They are very open with each other and he is fully aware that nothing sexual occurs.
Sometimes women hire me for reasons other than companionship.

For instance, I had one 22-year-old girl who had just gotten out of a long-term relationship.
She booked me to be her date for a wedding, knowing that her ex-boyfriend would be there.
I felt uneasy for her ex, because I imagined what it would feel like for someone you loved to ‘move on’ so quickly.


I had one lady hire me because she wanted to “ease” back into the dating world. She tried speed dating, clubs, etc., but felt sex was the main focus.
She misses the feeling of taking it slow with someone and getting to know them on a deeply emotional level.
A friend once asked, “Why would a woman pay you just to chat?”
We live in a world of instant gratification. Most men try to reach third base as quickly as possible.
Many men seem to love talking about themselves and their accomplishments – with an escort, the client’s needs become the centre of attention.
I am interested in finding out more about them, which helps me lead the conversation, plan the places we go and the activities we do.
Over the past 3 years, I have been an escort with Gentlemen4hire

I have seen a growing demand for this type of service and I often decline jobs because I need time to recharge and rest.
Most people think that it’s only older or married women who engage in this type of service, but I see young models and celebrities as well.
Why? Because, they would rather pay for an experience they control.
Plus, when the session is over, it’s done. They know that I won’t call them 3 times a day and send multiple texts.
Their need for companionship doesn’t get in the way of their busy lives either.


What I do might seem easy. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for simply talking to people, going to amazing events and getting expensive gifts?
This type of work requires a set of traits, which a small percentage of men possess. Here are a few of them:
– Polite
– Well presented
– Courteous
– Empathetic
– Good Conversationalist
– Good Listener
– Being On Time
– Discretion
To me, these are fairly simple skills, but judging by what my clients have told me, a small percentage of men have these simple skill sets.
As an escort, the most important part of my job is to be her dream date no matter what’s going on in my private life.
There’s no doubt I’ve grown greatly as a person since I started doing this.
 I’ve learned how to be empathetic and non-judgmental towards people.
Most of my clients really open up to me and I’ve learned how to make people comfortable, enable them to tell me their innermost thoughts, desires, worries and dreams.
I also like to think I’m much less shallow now – before working as an escort, I wouldn’t really put that much effort into getting to know a woman I wasn’t attracted to.
Now, I love spending time with women who are interesting, fun and great conversationalist. I’ve learned a lot from them.
We all want to feel seen, honoured and feel connected to another human, it’s now more acceptable to pay for it.