Did you know…

The nipples have over 800 nerve endings – yes, you read right.

Taoist texts encourage men to suck on women’s nipples, because doing so causes women’s bodies and minds to relax.

Science has also shown that nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, the relaxing, bonding, and love chemical.

The breasts are the closest erogenous area to a woman’s heart. In Tantra it’s believed through touching a woman’s breasts her heart is touched and opened.

It’s important that a woman’s breasts are touched with awareness throughout the lovemaking. When the breasts and nipples are stimulated, it sends tingles of energy to her heart and her pleasure zones.


How Is A Nipple Orgasm Possible?

As the saying goes ‘neurons that fire together, wire together.’ Combining clitoral stimulation with nipple stimulation is the most effective way to achieve nipple orgasms because it rewires the brain to associate nipple stimulation with feelings of orgasmic pleasure.

For years I’ve been fascinated with the concept of having orgasmic breasts and continuously stimulate my breasts during self pleasure to associate my nipples with orgasm.

As women, our breasts and nipples are incredibly sensual, and an exquisite source of pleasure.

Many women crave for a man to touch their breast and nipples with love, and care because her breasts have access to deeper sexual energy.

According to a recent study, researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex.

This is the same brain area activated by stimulation of the cervix, clitoris, and vagina. What this means is that a woman’s brain seems to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way.

A woman’s breasts are one of the best ways to ignite her sexual arousal. When a woman is aroused her breasts swell making it sensitive to touch, sucks, licks, and rubs.

When a man learns how stimulate a woman’s breasts, he opens a limitless pleasure of possibilities. 

Every woman

Experiences breast stimulation differently. Some like it hard, while others prefer a very gentle and soft touch.

The intensity also depends on her menstrual cycle because her sensitive’s change with her monthly cycle. Some women can be so sore that they don’t want to be touched.

A woman’s breasts can be sensitive in the beginning to your touch, bites, and licks.

There is a right touch and a wrong touch. If you start hard, you may hurt her or cause her to tighten up. You want her to be completely relaxed as you give her exquisite pleasure.

If you only focus on her nipples you will limit her enjoyment. Be sure to explore the entire breast to give her variety of sensations.

Fun Fact for Men:

Gentlemen, don’t be shy, a lot of men have very sensitive nipples as well. Some men can ejaculate just from nipple stimulation alone, while other men experience profound arousal.

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