Kama Sutra is mostly known for its sexual positions. What most people don’t know is that there are only 24 positions in Kama Sutra.

In Sanskrit, the study and exploration of sex positions has everything to do with the awareness of your body.

It requires knowledge of your genitals, and connection to your mind and body. Most couples practice only two or three favorite positions during their entire marriage.

A small variation of those favorite positions can enhance her sexual experience by giving her variety of sensations that she may have never felt before.

Exploring different positions is a great way to explore new possibilities and get rid of any awkwardness or reluctance. The ability to provide and enhance pleasure requires better understanding of what positions will work best for the two of you.

Here are “7″ Best Sex Positions that can greatly help you increase her pleasure during lovemaking.


Cowgirl – Woman on Top

7 Best Sex Positions

 Perfect for:

  • Increasing her pleasure by tilting your pelvis up.
  • You will be giving her perfect access to rub her clitoris against your pelvic bone.
  • Positioning her self in a way for you to stimulate her G-spot exactly the way she wants it.

Legs Up On Your Shoulders

7 Best Positions 

Perfect for:

  • Deep passionate penetration as you look into each others eyes.
  • Stimulating her G-spot with short strokes, especially if you put a couple of pillows under her butt.
  • Men who don’t have big penises, because this position shortens her vaginal canal and allows you to go deep and penetrate her A-spot.



Perfect for:

  • Nurturing her and making her feel safe during sex.
  • Penetrating the back of her A-spot while stimulating her clitoris with your hand.
  • Being very close to her erogenous spots – her ear, lips, and the back of her neck.

Doggy style #1

Best Positions for G-spot

Perfect for:

  •  Stimulating her G-spot by angling your hips and aiming your penis downward.

Doggy style #2

Doggy Style

 Perfect for:

  •  Deep penetration while stimulating the back of her A-spot.

 Heart to Heart Loving

7 Best Positions

Perfect for:

  • Intimacy, holding each other, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing and deep penetration.

Masculine Energy

7 Best Positions

Perfect for:

  • Stimulating the back of her A-spot while she’s feeling your wonderful  masculinity throughout her body.
  •  Being very close to two sensational erogenous spots: Back of her neck and ears.