The Kama Sutra was written over 2,000 years ago – today it’s best known for it’s numerous sexual positions that you can successfully practice if you are an accomplished gymnast or yogi.

“The book of Love” is the world’s oldest and greatest book on Erotic love. I highly recommend watching the movie.

Exploring different positions is a great way to explore new possibilities, new sensations and unknown pleasure areas.

There are certain positions that give women incredible pleasure and small variation of those favorite positions can enhance her sexual experience by giving her variety of sensations that she may have never felt before.

Here are Positions that can greatly help increase her pleasure during lovemaking.

Cowgirl – Woman on Top

7 Best Sex Positions

 Perfect for:

  • Increase her pleasure by tilting your pelvis up as you will be giving her perfect access to rub her clitoris against your pelvic bone.
  • When she wants to guide your penis or tease you by rubbing the head against her clit.
  • Positioning her self in a way for you to stimulate her G-spot exactly the way she wants it.

Legs Up On Your Shoulders

7 Best Positions 

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for deep sustained penetration.
  • Stimulating her G-spot with short strokes, especially if you put a couple of pillows under her butt (doesn’t always work with every woman).
  • For men who don’t have big penises, this position shortens her vaginal canal and allows you to go deep.



Perfect for:

  • Nurture, intimacy, kissing the back of her neck.
  • Penetrating her from the back allows you to stimulate her clitoris with your hand.

Doggy style #1

Best Positions for G-spot

Perfect for:

  •  Stimulating her G-spot by angling your hips and aiming your penis downward.

Doggy style #2

Doggy Style

 Perfect for:

  • Spanking
  • Hair Pulling
  • Stimulating her clitoris during penetration.
  • Stimulating her A-spot while she arches her back.

 Heart to Heart Loving

7 Best Positions

Perfect for:

  • In Tantra this is called the Yab-Yum position where everything is synchronized – heart to heart, belly to belly, genitals, breath and eyes. 
  • Intimacy, holding each other, sinking your breath, looking into each other’s eyes and passionate kissing. 
  • Great for rocking back and forth, while caressing her sacrum.

Masculine Energy


Perfect for:

  • Stimulating different angles while she’s feeling your masculine energy on top of her body.
  • Being very close to two sensational erogenous spots: Back of her neck and ears.

As you practice these positions, hold the focus of your awareness throughout your body and enjoy the symphony of pleasures rising from desire.

When I was studying Taoist Sexual Secrets, the teaching that was mentioned often was that each sex position affects the flow of energy since our sexual organs are connected to our major organs.

Therefore it’s fair to say that lovemaking is ultimately a dance of two bodies in rhythm and harmony.