A while back I was on an all-female panel discussing the importance of Sexual Education and Wellness.

The topic of vibrators came up. Some of the women on the panel and in the audience were wearing their vibrators around their neck, proudly demonstrating the power of female sexual liberation.

Are Vibrators Good For You

I was the only one on the panel who said “I don’t use vibrators and I am not a big fan.”

Silence filled the room with lots of puzzled faces.

The majority of women claimed their vibrators were better than many of their lovers, some even shared that they use their vibrators during sex with their husbands and they would never give that up.

One woman proudly said “I get to go to bed with someone I like” – referring to her vibrator and we all had a good laugh.

I went on to share that the first time I used a vibrator was also my last time, even though I had an orgasm in under three minutes which had never happened before, I knew from that moment that no hand, mouth, or penis will ever be able to compete with that type of intensity.

If I got my clitoris use to that type of stimulation how can I ever have an orgasm without one?

I would become depend on a vibrator the same way some people become depend on porn to masturbate.

I also intuitively knew that if I continued to use it, my body would stop responding to any kind of subtle touch or kiss.

Yes, vibrators enhance genital stimulation and even work wonders for some women, but it can also dull the nerves after a while.

I’ve had many female clients and friends who have noticed that overtime they weren’t able to have an orgasm without a vibrator. Many said they would just get impatient.

Intense stimulation often times reduces sensitivity.

I haven’t come across any scientific study that confirms this, but most women that I know who are in tuned with their bodies notice the difference.

And do we need science to confirm what we feel?

The path to orgasms may be complex for some and easy for others as it’s deeply intertwined in the relationship you have with your body, your partner and your history.

Is A Vibrator To Blame?

Vibrators are tools that some women choose to use to enjoy their sexuality or to have an orgasm for the first time.

I believe that vibrators should be supplementary and the primary source of pleasure. But I also believe that it’s a matter of personal preference.

Each woman must explore the impact a vibrator has on her sexuality and make the best choice for her.