I got my G-shot injection when I was 19 years old. I was on a plane ride from Las Vegas to LA sitting next to a woman who was reading a document called ‘Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation’.

I had to interrupt her reading and ask, “What does Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation mean?

I know what a laser is.

I know what a vagina is.

I know what rejuvenation means, but I have no idea what this sentence means.”

She explained that it’s a surgery using cutting edge technology in this case a ‘laser’ to tighten the vaginal muscles. My reply was “they do that” and why?

She said it’s mainly for women who have given vaginal birth and currently experiencing urinary incontinence.

She then went on to tell me about a new project that her partner was working on called ‘The G-spot amplification procedure’ now called the G-shot.

We talked the entire flight and she told me she was looking for an assistant. I was in between jobs, and this sounded enticing – a week later I started working for her and learning all about the procedures they were provided.

What Is The G-shot?

When I was working there it was described as an injection of collagen into the G-spot to make it bigger. After the injection, the G-spot would grow in size – going from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter.

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The injection was mainly pure collagen at the time so it would only last 3-5 months as the body naturally absorbed it.

The procedure is non-surgical and can be done during a lunch break. It’s quick and there is no recovery involved.

During the pilot study I was in charge of collecting testimonials. It was a very exciting job for a 20-year-old who didn’t know much about the fascinating female sexual anatomy.

At that time, I was only experiencing clitoral orgasms. It would take me anywhere between 20 -60 min when I self-pleasured to have an orgasm and I wasn’t able to orgasm during sex.

So, when women in the pilot group would say things like:

  • I put in a tampon and have an orgasm.
  • I went over a speed bump and had an orgasm.
  • I orgasm a lot faster now.

I thought something must be wrong with me if I took so long to orgasm. I decided to try the shot myself and see what all the fireworks were about.

Days after the shot, I turned into a nympho (Nympho definition: A female with a very strong sexual desire. It’s important to mention there is no such word for a man) and I had no partner at the time. I started masturbating 5-15x/day and my orgasms would come in only a few minutes.


Looking back part of the reason why I orgasmed so quickly was because the pleasure sensations were so intense my mind wasn’t able to wander like it did prior to the injection.

I would go to work and sit with my legs crossed to not feel the strong sensations between my legs, some days the sensations were so intense I wasn’t able to focus at all and all I wanted to do was self-pleasure.

By the 2nd month it was just way too much for me. I was hoping that some day soon I would go back to my healthy, normal sex drive.

While it sounded fascinating at first, the actual experience was just too intense for me. The saying “Be careful what you wish for” applies here. 

By the 3rd month I had to call my best friend at the time and tell him the situation I was in and ask if he could ‘take care of me.’ His response was, “I am coming with bells on.” It was a funny conversation to say the least.

We had sex a few times, but I still wasn’t able to have an orgasm during sex. This again led me to believe that something was wrong with me.

I convinced myself that nothing was wrong with me since I am able to have many orgasms during self – pleasure.

Four years later after I got the first injection, I got a call from my former boss asking me if I would consider having the injection again, but this time having it filmed by BBC who was doing a documentary on the procedure and giving a testimonial.

By this time, I had met an older, skilled and very attentive lover. We discussed this in length and I decided to try it again. I was mostly open to it because I had a lover who would be there when I needed him.

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This time it was a very different experience. I didn’t feel any difference at all in my libido.

I wasn’t sure if it was because he had now changed the injection from mostly collagen to hyaluronan or because I was having such great sex and experiencing orgasms during sex that my body no longer felt like something was missing.

Would I Recommend The G-shot?

This is hard to answer because some people prefer quick fixes while others prefer to do the work that requires deep healing and transformation.

Everything I have learned throughout the years from studying sexuality to different healing modalities is this: Our bodies have a deep intelligence that we should tap into and learn to trust.

What I would recommend is reading Deborah Sundhal’s book and Sheri Winston’s book, to understand how the sexual anatomy functions before getting any injections.

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