Every accomplished artist was first an amateur. Giving oral pleasure is one of the most intimate and erotic sensations you can give to a woman because your, hot, passionate mouth makes her feel special, loved, appreciated, adored, desired, and beautiful.

I give men a lot of credit who kneel at the altar of Venus and gaze at her erotic and elegant masterpiece.

How many times have you planted your face at heaven’s gate and said to yourself, “I wish for once she would tell me what she likes and desires.”

A woman’s pussy is a mystery to most men and given the artwork below we come in many varieties and sensitivities.

 Today, I am going to share with you the most exquisite guide to giving her oral pleasure.

#1 – Don’t Use Porn As A Reference

In porn often the man’s head is tilted sideways as he flicks his tongue up and down – this is specifically done for camera angle.

Oral Pleasure - ConfidentLover

This position is designed for good entertainment, not for optimal pleasure. A tongue flicking sideways is no match to a real juicy lick with the feeling of your hot breath on her clitoris.

#2 – A Pussy Enjoys The 3P’s


Depending how aroused she is, this may take a while. Men often make the mistake of starting fast, like they are racing to the finish line, turn off the clock and enjoy the journey.


Your moves should not be mechanical, treat her pussy like your favorite candy – juicy, sweet, luscious and irresistible.

Passionate tongue

Nothing turns a woman on more than a soft, wet, hot passionate tongue.

#3 – Tease Before You Please

Less is more in the beginning. A slow approach builds excitement.

Don’t just go for the grand prize (her clitoris) and start tonguing her clitoris with speed and intensity, instead build her arousal by creating anticipation and teasing her.

When a woman is not yet fully aroused, going straight for her clitoris in the beginning may cause her pain or just annoy her, because she’s not yet ready to be touched there.

There is an exception to every rule. On some occasions she’s already aroused and ready to accept your tongue without any teasing.

Alternatively kiss her inner thighs, this is a highly sensitive area for a lot of women because of the delicate skin and all the nerve endings.

Work your way up to her perineum and the entrance of her vagina.

Oral Pleasure-confidentlovers-com

#4 – Licking Her Pussy Lips Is A Lot like Kissing Her Lips

Lick her inner and outer lips. Her inner lips have the same sensitivity as your testicles, so you can imagine the effects your soft tongue would have on her.

Tongue her inner and outer lips the same way you would kiss her.

#5 – A Good Lovers Hands Never Stop Moving

As your wonderful tongue caresses her pussy, intensify her pleasure by either fingering her or using your hands to sensually touch her breasts.

Having your fingers inside her or touching her sensually multiplies her sense of anticipation leading to greater pleasure.

While you are licking her inner lips, open her outer lips using your thumb and index finger. This will give her tingling sensations and make it easier for you to find and lick her clitoris.


# 6 – Penetrate Her With Your Tongue

This feels divine because the entrance of the vagina is filled with so many sensitive nerve endings.

After she’s been properly teased with pleasure, now her clitoris wants your tongues attention.

#7 – Setup a Rhythm & Don’t Let Go

Once you feel she’s about to orgasm, set up a rhythm and stay with it. When she starts having an orgasm, don’t stop unless she asks you to.

Nothing upsets a woman more than drifting off her sweet spot when she’s on a brink of an orgasm.

Bonus Tip – The Cat’s Meow 

The thrill of a pleasant surprise can have amazing effects on her when she least expects it. This can heighten her excitement levels dramatically.

Some women love having their anus licked or rubbed. If you are up for it, try it and see how she responds.

For some women receiving oral pleasure is the source of her most intense orgasm.

Every woman receives pleasure differently – some women love and crave oral pleasure, while others don’t feel any pleasure at all.

Take your time, pay attention to her body language, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Be creative and remember that variety is the spice of life and the combinations are endless. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Bon Appetit

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