Psst… I am going to let you in on a little secret: A woman’s vagina is really fascinating.

The female sex organ is divided into two parts.

  1. The external area is known as the vulva
  2. The internal area is commonly referred to as the Vagina.

The vulva includes all the visible parts.

The vaginal canal is the middle -man between the uterus and the vulva. The medical definition of a vagina is ‘introitus.’

Vagina Facts

Here are 6 Awesome Vagina Facts

1) Vagina Makes Room

Most of us have never heard of the term vaginal tenting. Vaginas are lined with muscular ridges and can expand up to 200% during childbirth and sexual intercourse.

Thanks to our mysterious nature, when women get aroused, their bodies – like men’s bodies – go through a variety of changes.

In a woman’s body, this involves muscular tension that pulls the uterus upward, thereby making the vagina both longer and wider.

With more room, she can more comfortably accept a penis, fingers, or a sex toy into her vagina.

2) Nature’s Multi -Layers of Mystery

The clitoris – known as nature’s multi layers of mystery. This fascinating love button  has 8,000 nerve endings and it’s sole purpose is to provide pure pleasure.

3) Hymen – The Greek

The hymen is named after Hymen, the Greek goddess of marriage, and is the membrane that partially covers the entrance of the vagina.

Embryologically, it’s tended to keep germs and dirt out of the vagina. After puberty and once estrogen thickens the vaginal tissue, the hymen serves little functional purpose.

4) Air Only

A vaginal “fart,” also called a “queef” or “vart,” is common. Vaginal fart is odorless and unrelated to the rectum.

5) A toothed Vagina?

The “toothed vagina” comes from the Latin word Vagina dentate and refers to the folktales  about women whose vaginas have teeth that can bite off a penis.

In some cultures the toothed vagina stories are told as a cautionary tale to discourage sexual behaviors.

However, on rare occasions, dermoid cysts (which are cysts that can contain hair, brain, thyroid, skin, and teeth) can migrate their way into the vagina, which can cause vagina denata.

6) Celebrating Vaginas

While some cultures and religions teach that vaginas are taboo or dirty places, it’s important to note that vaginas have also been celebrated throughout history.