To trade stocks successfully one must first understand the Four Stages markets go through.

1) Prolonged Downtrend

2) Uptrend Begins

3) Finally It Begins to Trade Sideways

4) Downtrend

These cycles are indicators if you should be long, short, or in cash. Once you’ve identified what stage the stock is in, you can then trade according to those characteristics.

Stock Chart

How Can The Stock Market Make You a Better Lover?

By studying a woman’s desire map you can see that a woman’s sexual response cycle also has Four Stages.

  • Stage # 1 – Desire
  • Stage  # 2 – Arousal/Wetness
  • Stage # 3 – Orgasm
  • Stage # 4 – Back to Normal

Once you understand which stage she’s in, you will know if she’s ready for penetration, or if she needs to be aroused longer to create the proper wetness for penetration.

Why is this important? 

Because, a woman’s sexual entrances provide special sensations and feelings as you penetrate her in her most intimate places.

Entering a woman when she’s not properly aroused may not only cause her physical bruising, but emotional discomfort as well as distrust.

When men often rush through this experience it can feel very intrusive for a woman, because it makes her feel like you just don’t care and don’t understand her physical changes.

It’s always better to bring her to a place of saying “I want you now” and creating anticipation, rather than her saying “Ouch – you are hurting me.”

Here Are Some Changes That Take Place in Each Stage.

Stage # 1 – Desire 

  • The beginning of her arousal and the perfect time for sensual touching to slowly awaken her body.
  • Her nipples become more sensitive, her breathing deepens (if she allows it, you may have to remind her to breathe).
  • Blood starts to flow down to her genitals, which increases the size of her clitoris, inner lips and outer lips.

Stage # 2 – Arousal/Wetness 

  • The sweet feeling of her pleasure is multiplying, her body becomes moist and everything that happened in stage # 1 is now intensified.
  • Her nipples become erect.
  • The inner walls of the vagina start to swell from increased blood flow, her clitoris may become highly sensitive to touch, her wetness intensifies.
  • Her voice may start to lower and become more sensual.
  • This is where you enter her slowly with feelings of tenderness and confidence.

Stage # 3 – Orgasm

  • She’s holding you tight.
  • Her body is hot and damp.
  • Her juices begin to flow.
  • Her heart rate and breathing increases.
  • She involuntarily starts contracting her PC Muscles (in her vagina and anus).
  • Some Women may experience spasm in their legs or feet.
  • Some women are finished after one orgasm while others tend to keep going and have multiple orgasms. Some women may even experience female ejaculation.

Stage #4 – Back to Normal

  • Her body slowly returns to normal level of functioning.
  • Everything returns to its previous size.

If you don’t take the time to study a company you’ve chosen for investing, your success in buying stocks may be compared to a poker game where you bet without looking at your cards.

This same analogy applies to lovemaking. If you have no idea which stage your lover is in, how will you know if it’s the right time to penetrate her, arouse her, or just hold her?

Study your woman’s desire map with the same intensity and enthusiasm of a great performing stock and you will receive the abundant rewards of a bull market with repeatable and predictable performance results.

 Attention to detail is what separates success from failure ~ Jim Rogers