Pope John Paul II once said, “The hands are the heart’s landscape.”

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Touch affects our entire organism. It’s ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact and it affects everything we do.

No other sense can arouse you like touch. Our hands are the most incredible tools of the human body and yet we have no idea how to use them to give pleasure.

There are many different types of touch:

  • Caressing
  • Stroking
  • Tickling
  • Squeezing
  • Tapping
  • Soft and Firm.

Slow, erotic, sensual touch allows you to feel what your lover’s body wants and how it responds to your touch.

You gain a deeper understanding of your lover’s desires and sexual preferences.

Making Love With Your Hands

Your touch becomes a new language, because the different hand gestures provide a variety of sensations.

A woman learns how to deeply relax and feel her body like never before.

A man learns how to slow down and allow himself to receive many different types of sensations and pleasure.

A woman learns how to feel more pleasure that will become waves of multiple orgasms throughout her whole body.

A man learns how to bring his lover into a state of sexual safety, ecstasy and comfort so all the mental and emotional worries are released.

A woman learns how to touch a man sensually by incorporating a variety of grips and strokes.

A man learns how to read her body and respond with the right touch and stimulation.

Erotic Touch

The Benefits Of Sensual Touch

1) Your body relaxes, opens and releases blocked energy.

2) Your overall libido increases.

3) You learn how your lover’s body wants to be touched.

4) You start feeling sensations and develop body awareness like never before.

5) You gain a deeper understanding of your lover’s desires and sexual preferences.

6) During Sex you start experiencing subtle waves of pleasure throughout your whole body instead of only your genitals.

7) There is no goal, you get to try new hand gestures you never knew were possible.

Sensual Touch is a practice that allows the receiving partner to go deeply into their own body.

This type of touch increases the bond in your relationship because of the neurochemistry behind connected touch and relaxed arousal.

There is nothing more erotic, sensual, powerful and healing than being deeply touched by your lover.

There is so much power in human touch, whether it’s an expression of passion or love, there is no greater expression of emotion than touch.

When you learn how to give and receive erotic touch, you and your lover will experience pleasure like never before, because it inspires playful touch that is different than your habitual touch.

Sensual touch is a way of integrating connection and intention to your sexual expression.

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