As I was preparing to give a talk to a group of high school students in Hong Kong a question popped into my thoughts.

“Does formal sexual education truly equip people with the essential knowledge, resources, and tools needed to be an attuned lover?”

Christina Antonyan Speaking in Hong Kong-

Reflecting on my own journey, I realized that the profound understanding, resources, and tools I acquired unfolded during immersive week-long workshops, complete with hands-on practices and with intimate moments with my lover.

Can the intricacies of love making be truly captured within the confines of a conventional educational setup?

Sex, is not a science — it’s an art. Sure, you can teach and dissect anatomies in classrooms and labs, but the subtleties of lovemaking are as diverse as a kaleidoscope.

Consider, for instance, the captivating array of sexual expressions at our disposal.

Sex Education

After years of delving into the teachings and practices of Taoism and Tantra, I can attest that mastering the practices of these modalities is a lifelong journey, and some might not reach the summit at all.

How do you bottle that kind of wisdom and serve it up in a formal environment?

Let’s break it down:

  1. Intimacy as an Art: Intimacy is more than a textbook topic—it’s a canvas for personal experiences, emotions, and connections. It’s an art form that defies conventional learning.

  2. Non-Verbal Tango: Picture lovemaking as a sultry tango, where words take a backseat, and the dance of non-verbal cues takes center stage. It’s a sensual dance, where touch and connection lead the way.

  3. Unpredictability of Desires: Sexual desires transform with the different seasons of our life. Uniquely personal and inherently unpredictable, navigating this ever-changing landscape requires a delicate artistry of adaptation.

  4. Intimacy Canvas: Imagine intimacy as a canvas awaiting strokes of emotion, connection, and surprise. You and your partner are the artists, turning each lovemaking session into a unique masterpiece.

  5. Uniqueness of Chemistry: Chemistry between partners is a complex symphony. While education lays the foundation, true sexual compatibility thrives on the unique connection between individuals and the investment they make in their growth and connection.

  6. Intuition Rollercoaster: Your intuition is the rollercoaster of pleasure. Close your eyes, throw your hands in the air, and savor the twists and turns of instinct. Sometimes, the most thrilling moves are the unplanned ones!

  7. Dynamic Nature of Sexuality: Recognize that sexuality is a dynamic force, evolving over time with new preferences and desires. This evolution cannot fit neatly into a static educational framework.

  8. Spontaneity: Being a stellar lover requires spontaneity and creativity that can’t be boxed into structured education. It’s about embracing the unexpected and dancing to your own rhythm.

  9. Trial and Error: The bedroom is your experimental playground. Learning through trial and error is often more potent than theoretical knowledge. Practical experience holds the key to unlocking pleasures.

  10. Personal Growth: The journey to becoming a better lover isn’t found in textbooks; it’s a result of personal growth and self-discovery. It’s about evolving together and embracing the adventure.

Do We Really Need Sex Education?

Following my presentation, numerous students emailed me, expressing their gratitude for my talk. They conveyed that as a result, they now have a new found understanding of the fascinating topic of sexuality.

Education is definitely the starting point, but the real magic happens when you slow down, dive deep, surrender to the unfamiliar, communicate openly, and create a connection that transcend the ordinary.

In the realm of intimate relationships, exploring various styles can be an exhilarating journey where each encounter brings a fresh splash of excitement.

It’s not just about the basics; it’s about transforming every experience into a personalized adventure that leaves both partners fulfilled and deeply connected.

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