There is much conversation today about gender equality, sensuality, and sexuality. We talk about these things because our deep and ever present desire is to express ourselves, or experience life through love. 

We want to know love in all of its forms and manifestations – pure lovemaking. But to know this, we must understand what is within, unite what has been divided, and embrace what is new.

So to begin, we ask:

What is the feminine and masculine spirit within? 

For starters they are not separate – instead they are both sides of the same coin. We must understand what has been divided (torn apart by conditioning) and make it into one. For those who wish to know the true meaning of oneness, this is it. 


You cannot have oneness in your outside life, if you don’t have it within. These forces interact within us as the creation of void: The field of infinite possibilities. These qualities are one within us, sometimes balanced, most times not. Voids are not easily conquered.

Going about our daily lives, we try to correct that imbalance by interacting with our so-called counter pole. Men will go courting women, and women will go courting men, faintly knowing that who they are courting is themselves – deep within the hidden realms of their soul.

So basically, when we look in the mirror with a reflection of the other, we actually see our own image on one level, and recognition on another. That seems to be the key to finding ourselves through love.

Such a precious finding has many names: soul mates, twin flames, cosmic souls… a sweet promise of merging into a state of Bliss. The day will come when we merge within ourselves, through our beloved. 

On that day we truly can speak of cosmic union, twin flames, soul mates… and transcending the absurd matrix parameters of physical love.

We can talk about sex, but sex in this context is very uninteresting. Sensuality is everything. And sensuality can only exist when equals meet and surrender.

Trust is key… trust and non – competition. Equals don’t compete – they accept and they compliment. We are dual, hetero-centered beings becoming alienated into a gender-bender scare agenda.

A man’s feminine aspect is introspection, intuition, awareness of the other, awareness of feeling and emotions, sensuality, and his ability to perceive the beauty he encounters.

But all too often man’s feminine aspect has gone off the grid. He opens to the feminine and forgets his masculine power and his authority to act.  Is this a man behaving like a wet noodle in a boring restaurant dish with only the parameters of the matrix guiding him but in the wrong direction?

He believes he must be soft, he must go to sensitivity classes, he must debate his femininity with other men, and he needs written permission to French kiss because his empowerment has gone mute. 

Much can be said about that – but first we will say that he didn’t intentionally put himself there. So who did? Or what did? We see the change from an awakening in the 60’s and 70’s, breast swinging women’s liberators going bezerk on equality.

Yes, men and women are equal but men and women cannot be equal if the feminine insists on having the power in the relationship. That’s just a switch from the masculine having the power. Trading places is not balance, and it’s not interesting any more because love doesn’t compete – love is the power.

It does not insist on the struggle to avoid surrender and keep up the differences. When masculine enters feminine space it is not diminished. It is still masculine.

The domination of the feminine agenda has caused confusion, the loss of masculine force, and the loss of respect… a very unfortunate situation for all.

To clarify – we see true liberation in women setting themselves free. The liberated context of woman’s masculine aspect is in her ability to act upon her self and others through feminine self-knowledge.

When the feminine enters the masculine space, she does not lose her mind – it is a magnetic force of intelligence, spirit and conscious sensuality.

When a woman’s masculine aspect goes off track, she takes control and becomes hard and competitive, discarding the knowing feminine, transforming her outer look into mirroring the masculine, thus diminishing her sensuality. 

It’s a craving for power, and that craving for power discards knowing what’s deep within her. Her strength is subtle and yet very powerful. She can impact a household with the lift of her eyebrow without having to fight.

That’s the point of accession. Empowerment, inspiration, sensuality – the joy of being different while knowing deep inside that the difference is just an illusion – it is within reach when we don’t cling to the programming.

Many people are suffering in the genderless matrix – humanoids seeking automatic body movement in order to find release in whichever way programming suggests.

If he can’t satisfy you, get a 9-volt device instead. If she can’t, satisfy him, see a 20$ hooker or how about an online chat. 

It’s a sad sight to see lovers who cannot open each other into the sensual world, because they’re plugged into the world of the matrix-defined as mechanical body movements.

We can be as balanced as we choose, depending upon what we want and our willingness to sail the uncharted sea of the divinity in love. Nature pulls masculine and feminine together in magnetic attraction. We are part of that nature, and we have the capability to go beyond.

We can transcend, but we need love in the flesh to show us the way to pleasure thousand raptures deep – surrendering, transcending and loving.

This sailing journey is not instant – it requires time, commitment and effort. How does sex become lovemaking? The shift is within our intent. When we go from being result oriented, to being process oriented, the result will follow – if we choose to surrender.

We can surrender if we are safe – if we feel safe within our feminine or masculine spirit. If we are new to surrendering we may need our partner to guide us.

In the heart we experience the magnetic attraction of the other polarity through our senses. We look at the beauty, we smell the fragrance, we feel the spirit, we touch the body, we listen to the voice, and we resonate with it all.

Evolution is not difficult here… Merging hearts will take us to our love affair with our higher spiritual self from within. The feminine and the masculine in oneness and that is where we started.