Years ago, my attorney suggested that I watch a movie called Dangerous Beauty around the same time when I was starting ConfidentLovers. He must have known I would fall in love with this movie.

“Dangerous Beauty” unveils its opulent tapestry in the heart of the 16th century, and timeless allure of Venice during the Renaissance.


It is a narrative that transcends time, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and a story of one woman’s courage challenging the limits of her time.

Who Were The Courtesans?

To become a courtesan required a lot of training and it was an upgrade of great magnitude, a fortunate leap into an unimaginably better life.

To label them merely as prostitutes or kept women is to do an injustice to their mystique. Courtesans existed in the in-between realm, where their training and rising to this desired position marked a profound transformation.

Unlike prostitutes, they never walked the shadowy streets, nor did they submit to the authority of a ruthless pimp.

Many courtesans inherited the trade from their mothers, forming a unique and unbreakable bond. It was a far cry from the exploitative relationship between pimp and prostitute, as the courtesan enriched herself, not her oppressor.

She possessed knowledge, had access to libraries, a privilege denied to most housewives of her time.

Courtesans -Veronica Franco- Venice
Image Credit| Dangerous Beauty

Courtesans And Their Lavish Gifts

These remarkable women adorned their lives with lavish gifts – designer wardrobes, extravagant jewelry, châteaus, villas, and townhouses adorned with murals and sculptures by renowned artists.

They had the finest antiques, silverware, porcelain vases, exquisite china, and priceless tapestries.

Yet, the allure of courtesans lay not merely in their material wealth but in their intellect.

Why Courtesans Needed to Be Highly Educated

Many courtesans were born into modest households or into poverty, uneducated, and devoid of upper-class manners, they embarked on a journey of transformation.

They mastered diverse skills, accompanied their lovers to public events, graced cafes, ballrooms, theaters, and even hosted gatherings at their homes for the upper class men who were their lovers.

Some blossomed into celebrated writers, poets like the admired Veronica Franco, while others dazzled as actresses, dancers, singers, and circus performers.

A select few, like Sarah Bernhardt and Coco Chanel, carved their names into history through entirely different avenues.

In the ultimate twist of fate, a rare handful of courtesans even ascended to titles when they married their aristocratic lovers.

Shaping Their Destiny To Freedom

Courtesans weren’t just remarkable for their talents, but for forging a path to freedom. They enjoyed more power, freedom and independence than any other woman during that time.

Their behavior and conversations were liberated, and they cherished the rarest intellectual freedom.

Their story is a mesmerizing chapter in history, a testament to the determined spirit that soared above the constraints of their time.

If you are curious to learn more about Courtesans and their virtues than I highly recommend reading this book.