Genital ReflexologyEcstatic Acupressure

The healing concepts and practices that make up sacred Taoist sexuality can help you achieve everlasting health, wellness, and spiritualization of the body, not to mention intense pleasure.

I bet you’ve never seen this chart hanging up in your local reflexology spa, but it’s actually an incredibly useful tool in Taoist sexual practice.

Do Not Be Intimidated!

Genital Reflexology

When most of us hear the word “reflexology” we think of a nice, relaxing, foot massage, not a genital massage.

Sure, we all know that our sexual organs are extremely sensitive and can trigger incredible sensations, but most people don’t realize that the genitals contain some of the most powerful reflex points in the human body.

Genital reflexology is a practice of activating the sexual reflex points during lovemaking, transforming sex into an ecstatic acupressure experience.

Maybe you won’t be moaning  “I love it when you pleasure my kidney!” but you will feel the positive emotions.

Hard Pounding SEX

When you ONLY practice “hard pounding” sex, these reflexology points can shut down. Genital massage offers a way to replenish these energy points.

Erotic acupressure specifically stimulates pheromones and endorphins. Modern science tells us that these hormones not only have healing properties hundreds of times more effective than any drug or herb, but in a healthy person, they can provoke intense pleasure revitalizing and energizing your body.

Why not make this science work for you?

Mind – Body – Spirit

In the world of mind/body/spirit health, we know that particular negative emotions affect certain organs, making them sick. Positive emotions, on the other hand, can make them healthy.

When positive feelings are aroused by sex in particular, healing energy flows throughout all your meridians to exactly where it is needed, which can create profound results.

Take a look at the connection between our organs and emotional states listed below.


Healthy: we feel at peace, calm and gentle.

Sick:  we experience shame, guilt and fear.


Healthy: we feel generous, caring, sympathetic and confident.

Sick: we feel frustrated, greedy and angry.


Healthy: we are grounded, centered, and open.

Sick: we are consumed with anxiety, stress and worry.


Healthy: we feel present, awake, and alive.

Sick: we feel depressed, regretful, and self-critical.


Healthy: we feel content, enthusiastic and joy for no reason.

Sick: we feel thoughtless, impatient, and lazy.

Heightening Your Pleasures

If you want to heighten your pleasures and your health, without overthinking the specifics, consider experimenting with variety of positions.

Not only are new positions exciting, but because they stimulate new areas, they can send tremendous erotic energy to places that need it the most, ultimately benefiting your overall health.

The Taoist approach to sex is a highly effective and healing activity, and a great way to get closer to your partner and heal each other at the same time. I hope you have fun with it.

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