A few weeks ago I was watching Woody Allen’s film Manhattan, where a woman said, “After all these years I finally had an orgasm, and my doctor told me it was the wrong kind.”

Often, we become influenced by “experts” – who, through scientific studies of sexuality have developed a ‘standard’ model for lovemaking, which primarily involves foreplay and intercourse.

This is probably why our understanding of sexuality is only limited to the genitals.

The Taoist however, view sexual relations between men and women as the primary earthly manifestation of the universal principles of Yin and Yang.

According to Taoist philosophy, there is no right or wrong way of lovemaking. There are only healthy and unhealthy habits.

Taoists approach the subject of human sexuality with a blend of curiosity and devotion.

Sex is nature’s most useful and therapeutic force, it’s important we understand the freedom that can occur once we understand how to practice sex consciously that gives us pleasure.

Below are FOUR Types Of  Sex practices:

1) Reproductive Sex

Reproductive sex is instinctual and driven by our primal urge to procreate. It’s built into our DNA and part of our animal coding, because it’s purpose is to further our species.

It expresses in our bodies as a genital itch that needs immediate attention. It’s primitive and natural.

2) Casual Sex

Casual sex is exploring and having fun with no strings attached and enjoying the physical pleasures of the body.

It’s sex purely for pleasure and recreation. This type of sex generally can be erotic, thrilling, and intense or it can be boring, and insignificant because it’s limited by our habits and cravings.

3) Therapeutic Sex

Most Taoist practices exemplify therapeutic sex because it’s practiced to cultivate health, longevity, and vitality.

They teach various methods and positions to cultivate awareness to various systems of the body.

They believe that energy generated during lovemaking is more vital to one’s well-being than the stimulation of the organs.

4) Spiritual Sex

Spiritual sex can be defined in many ways depending on the person’s experience, because it’s a sense of flow.

When you allow yourself to relax into the flow, your body knows what to do before your mind has time to think.

You forget everything else and you become completely absorbed in the experience. This type of sex transforms everything we see and touch.

This is when we use our body to bring spirit back into sex. This is when our intentions are loving and pure and there is no goal.

Which type do you enjoy most? Leave a comment below.