There are so many condoms out there how do you know which one is best for you.  Here is a quick condom guide to help you out.  

Latex Condoms:

  • Made from the sap of rubber trees and can only be used with water based products or lubrications.
  • Prevents STD’s and pregnancies.

Down side:

  • If it’s used with oil, petroleum jelly, or lotion it will degrade the rubber causing it to break. Some people are allergic to latex.

Polyisoprene Condoms:

  • Made from natural rubber and no latex. Good for people who are allergic to latex.
  • Approved for STD and pregnancy prevention.

Polyurethane Condoms:

  • Half as thin as latex, stronger and warmer to the body’s temperature.
  • Best for those who are allergic to latex. It’s made from synthetic plastic that is odorless and colorless.
  • It’s non coarse and prevents STD’s as well as  pregnancies.
  • It can be used with oil and water based products.

Down side:

  • Makes noise during penetration. Not as elastic as latex.

 Lamb Skin Condoms:

  • Made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb providing a more natural feel during sex.
  • Can be used with water and oil based products.
  • Not suitable for Vegans.

Down side:

  • Prevents pregnancies but not STD’s
  • It has microscopic holes preventing sperm from passing through, but not STD’s.