Men don’t fake orgasm – no man wants to pull a face like that on purpose. ~ Allan Pease.

Oh yes- oh yes – yes- yes- Oh my God! You’re the best… Sounds convincing right? At least in this video it does.

I’ve never understood why a healthy woman fully capable of having an orgasm would have the need to ‘fake it’ until I spoke to a few women who shared their reasons.

Why Women FAKE Orgasms?

Hathai from Thailand says:
“When I see him trying really hard to please me and it’s just one of those days where I know I can’t come, I feel sorry for him and fake it so he can finish.”

Veejanna from Amsterdam says:
“Sometimes I am just bored and it is starting to hurt, so I fake it for him to finish quickly.”

Alisa, from USA says:
“Some people fake being happy, so why can’t I fake an orgasm when I feel self conscious about my body and can’t reach an orgasm. It’s a way for me to maintain my relationship.”

Yulia from Ukraine says:
“Knowing that my boyfriend can’t last long, I get nervous when we are having sex, so instead of focusing on my own pleasure I focus on his erection. I love him and don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I moan and pretend I am having an orgasm before he comes.”

When I asked these women, why they can’t share with their lovers how they feel, the common response was ~“I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

A man feels more like a man if he knows he’s satisfying a woman’s sexual needs. Most women understand this and know the importance of boosting a man’s confidence.

It’s important for a man to feel like he’s an adequate lover so a woman feels the need to fake her orgasm to make him feel like he’s a good lover.

How Can Man Tell If She’s Faking Her Orgasms?

  1. Her PC Muscles don’t contract

    When a woman has a real Clitoral, G-spot or Vaginal orgasm, her PC muscles contract involuntarily.

    If your penis or fingers are inside her not only will you feel these contractions but you will also feel a cringe on either your penis or fingers. If you want to see exactly how this happens, check out the PC muscles video.

  1. No Fluids

    When a woman is having an orgasm, her fluid drips from her vagina. Usually the discharge of fluid is visible. If there is no additional discharge, she may be faking it.

  1. Too Relaxed

    Most women don’t know how to relax during orgsam, as a result they are at the height of muscle tension throughout their entire body during an orgasm.

    During orgasm the muscles start to spasm, especially in the pelvis. This is a combination of the vagina, uterus, anus, and pelvic floor contracting that causes waves of pleasure throughout the abdomen and the rest of her body.

  1. Short Breath

    During orgasm, a woman’s breathing changes from normal, to short and heavy. This is also involuntary, and if this isn’t happening, she’s probably not having an orgasm.

  1. The Pleasure of Sounds

    A pleasing sexual sound will have a ringing authenticity to it that engages you. A fake sound will be empty and mechanical.

Every orgasm is different in duration and intensity. Some days she may have a very intense orgasm where other days, it may be mild or none at all.

Every woman experiences orgasm differently – recognizing what happens to her body during an orgasm will give you a better understanding if she’s faking her orgasms.

Often times when a man asks a woman “Did you come?” It’s very difficult for her to say no, because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so instead she will say “yes.”

I never encourage any woman to be dishonest, instead just be honest and have an open conversation about what’s going on.

The best thing any couple can do is to have a heart to heart conversation because other factors may be involved including:


  • Anti-depressants, birth control pills, epilepsy meds, can have side affects of suppressing a woman’s sexual response, desire, and even prevent orgasms.

Physical Problems

  • Hysterectomy, nerve damage, pain, can reduce her libido.

If a woman is faking her orgasms, chances are there is a disconnection in the lovemaking. Instead of blaming eachother be open, be compassionate and understanding.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, ask her what works for her. Ask about her favorite positions. And if she doesn’t know her body well enough to give you answers, take the lead and experiment. Try stimulating her G-spot or A-spot

No woman should ever feel the need to fake it with you – at least not for reasons relating to you.

Cover Photo Credit: Stefan kuhn