I am writing this, because a family member very close to me has experienced shame, fear and deep insecurities with his sexuality.

It wasn’t until he met a very powerful and sexually confident woman who was able to reprogram his illusions and expose him to new experiences.

She took him beyond his mundane limitations, and beyond his self imposed delusions to show him levels of fulfillment he never knew or dreamed was possible.

Sometimes at moments of low self – esteem, we can expose ourselves to a multitude of insecurities, fears, guilt, tensions, pressures and performance anxieties related to our sexuality.

Some Common Sexual fears include:

  • Body image/size
  • Belief system/guilt
  • Not knowing what to do
  • Stamina
  • Performance

At times we become so busy with the image of ‘presenting’ ourselves that we often forget who we really are.

To let go of our fears, habits and circumstances we must first change the way we think about ourselves and start questioning our guarded and often limited sexual beliefs.

We don’t just wake up one day with fear of how we make love. Most of our sexual fears, insecurities, anxieties are conditioned and learned behaviors.

Being a good lover is first and foremost a skill of the mind. It’s almost impossible to create anything of value without also invoking some level of discipline.

The potential for change is always there, yet we seemingly wait for a moment of crisis before making changes. The human body is capable of extraordinary adaptation, even when it is set in a rigid pattern.

Freedom of choice results from mastering habit. Sexual habits are the most restrictive. Some people say that you never get rid of a habit, you only replace it with another.

Any intentional act of will has a magical potency and is far more effective than a habitual or unintentional act. Eastern teachings of sexuality often reference the need of uninhibited spontaneity garnished with variety.

We’re not completely surrendered to the moment. We generally have a tendency to hold too much back, emotionally and psychologically.

When the initial fear of change is overcome, one can really begin to enjoy new experiences.

Allow yourself to open up your body and mind to endless possibilities… to break through borders and experience your very own existence.

Our mind has the power to elevate us or destroy us depending on what habits we adopt in our life.

Lovemaking allows us to exceed the limits of our physical body, and merge with one another. Exploring our sexuality without any fears is a deep, lifelong search to uncover the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

It’s beautiful, healthy, and humanity’s source for total ecstasy. Enjoy the journey.

Artist: Unknown