In the Art of Sexual Ecstasy  Margot Anand writes, “Orgasms have been cherished, misunderstood, feared and indulged throughout the ages.

Let’s first understand the history of orgasms, because the word itself carries with it a promise of fulfillment.

The History of Orgasm

The word orgasm originates from two Greek words: Orgasmos, meaning to grow ripe, swell and be lustful, and Orge meaning impulse.

It also has origins in the Sanskrit word Urjmeaning power, nourishment and strength.

Sex and pleasure were once free and equal. Orgasms, with its physical pleasure and consciousness – altering effects, were worshiped in many developing cultures.

As civilizations became more sophisticated about reproduction and sadly, property rights, orgasms and who gives, receives and enjoys them, became increasingly regulated.

Female orgasm has been a mystery to the mostly patriarchal power structure. Furthermore, it was seen as a threat to the advancement of social development.

In the modern age, science has taken a front seat in the understanding and exploration of this most basic of human experience, with mixed results.

While women have made progress toward orgasmic equality, there is still a long way to go.

Today, there is so much research and new information that our understanding of orgasmic possibilities have expanded. We now know that much more is possible.”

In reality, both men and women are capable of experiencing many different kinds of orgasms, opening up a sensational range of possibilities for experiencing pleasure.

Orgasmic Bliss & Why We Crave Orgasms

Orgasm is a state where our body is no longer felt as matter because it starts to vibrate like energy and electricity.

Sacred sex balances the energy of two polarized beings. When two people have sex, they are not only exchanging body fluids but they are also exchanging sexual energy.

This is why when two people who are in love have sex, they may experience a type of pleasure that is nourishing, healing, fullfilling, blissful and refreshing, causing them to lose fear, control and time.

Time stops.

We transcend into the ecstatic experience that shakes us to the roots of our being.

Orgasms take us out of ourselves and we become natural.

Our Body armor melts away and everything is lost – the facades, our ego, society, culture; we become part of nature again.

There is no past, no future, only the present moment.

In this short blissful moment of silence, we go into a space that connects us to something greater than who we are.

We connect with the flow of energy, our heart, and soul.

In the bliss of orgasm we get naked in every possible way, and reveal the burning treasures within.

The deeper we melt the deeper we experience creation, manifestation, healing, releasing, regeneration, understanding, connecting, and consciousness. We melt into infinite possibilities.

The ecstatic flow takes us to new places we know but don’t recognize because it connects us to our heart and soul. We may not recognize it because we are, or have become strangers to it.

How do we know when it happens?

Every cell in our body knows.

Our bodies fill with sexual energy, taking us beyond the limits of what we know.

In that moment, a flood of great joy and pleasure wipes out the worries of our regular framed life.

Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual awakening because of the momentary loss of self.

Why is this true?

Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.

Cover Art | Vicky E. Stadtler