Over the years I’ve asked many men what is their attachment to ejaculation? In other words, why do most men have the ‘need’ to ejaculate every time they have sex?

Common answers:

  • Because it feels so good
  • It’s a good stress release
  • Why not?
  • This is how I release tension
  • This is how we are wired

The process of ejaculation is an evolutionary need, because in order for our human species to continue a man has to ejaculate. It also happens to feel really good.

What most men don’t know, is that they have the ability to train their body to experience orgasm instead of ejaculation.

A man also has the power to choose when he ejaculates. You can read more about this here male orgasm vs. male ejaculation.

The Taoist believe the male sperm carries a powerful life force energy in addition to its fertilizing potency.

It’s therefore to be understood and treated as a treasure to be guarded, rather than as a resource to be wasted. Another Taoist belief is that a mans sexual energy is lost primarily through ejaculation.

To prevent energy loss they have developed methods for ejaculation control as the foundation for conserving, strengthening, circulating and transforming sexual energy (you can read more about that here.)

Male ejaculation for purposes other than producing children was considered to be the ultimate recklessness, and when it occurred over extended periods of time it was believed to have had a profoundly negative effect on the health and the well-being of a man.

Today such a practice sounds a bit far-fetched since ejaculation is considered the ultimate expression of male sexual power and virility.

In the west there have been many studies done on the health benefits of ejaculation.

For example:

A team of Australian researchers found that men who had ejaculated more than five times per week between the ages of twenty and fifty were one third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

Another research from Bristol and Queen’s University of Belfast found that men who have three or more ejaculations per week are 50 percent less likely to die from coronary heart disease.

Some researchers hypothesize that ejaculation is necessary to flush out the ducts, because semen contains fructose, potassium, zinc and other components including sometimes trace amounts of carcinogens. The frequent flushing out of the ducts may reduce cancer rates.

I would love to see studies done on the health benefits (if any) of ejaculation control and men experiencing an orgasm instead of ejaculation. I haven’t come across any such studies yet.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a few men who have trained their bodies to experience orgasm and only ejaculate when they feel it’s time to get rid of the old supply and replace it with the new batch (as one men put it).

Here is what they have to say:

Momentary Pleasure

“Ejaculation is a momentary pleasure compared with the deeper, more profound experience possible when the energy is not lost but re-circulated within the body, and even more so when the sexual energies are circulated between partners.“ ~ Hans

Limited Perspective

“We are conditioned to believe that the whole point of sex is to orgasm. I find this to be a very limited perspective. When I ejaculate I feel my energy depleted after a few seconds of pleasure. But when I orgasm the energy is maintained and I don’t feel drained.” ~ Alex

Shifting the Focus

“My girlfriend and I decided to shift our focus from a genital explosion to a whole body, loving, relaxed energy exchange.

We have never felt so passionate and intimate about each other because we get into a flow state of energy exchange.

Once in a while we still have ‘normal’ sex, when we both orgasm and that’s fun too, but we prefer the relaxed flow and no goal sex.” – Nikola

I’m curious hear from the men: Do you practice ejaculation control? If so, how do you feel and how long have you gone without ejaculation?

“All that we can surmise of humankinds genetic history argues for a more liberal sexual morality, in which sexual practices are to be regarded first as bonding devices and only second as a means for procreation.” ~ E.O. Wilson

Cover Art By|Moto Waganari