“Erectile dysfunction” is a world-wide phenomenon…

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Last week I wrote and article titled “Why Do Men Feel The NEED To Ejaculate Every Time They Have Sex?”

I asked the men in the audience if they practice ejaculation control and if so how do they feel? And how long they’ve gone without ejaculation?

Here is one man’s story on how he cured his Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by learning how to retain his ejaculation at the age of 67.

Here is Tim.

About 7 years ago I had a brain tumor.

It wasn’t malignant, or life threatening, but it was in my pituitary gland and lowered my testosterone while raising my prolactin, which led to weak or non-existent erections.

I spent several months going to a urologist for my erectile dysfunction (ED). He gave me testosterone treatment, pills, cock rings and even shots for me to inject into the side of my penis. Yikes!

My erections improved, as did my libido, which had declined significantly. At the time I had little interest in sex, and figured it was part of the aging process as I passed 60.

For a short time my wife and I tried having sex while I was on the pills, but it was very frustrating because I would often lose my erection and there were many times when I couldn’t even ejaculate.

During this time I decided to go see a Tantra teacher.

She gave me a 21- day challenge to practice semen retention. It was tough, but I did it. What made it work for me was that it wasn’t about abstinence.

It was just the opposite, as I masturbated 1-3 hours each day nearly every day, but I didn’t ejaculate.

My wife and I were still having sex. The best part about this challenge was that it made both of us slow down while we were making love.

We took our time as there was no goal, it was a much more pleasurable experience than we had ever experienced. We were far more intimate and loving.

My Practice:

1) Practice – Everyday I would set aside quiet time, an hour or more to lay on my bed and masturbate slowly. I would bring myself close to ejaculation but then back off.

2) Breath – The Tantra teacher had shown me how to breathe deep from my belly, slow full breaths. She also taught me the breath of fire – short, quick breaths when I get the urge to ejaculate.

3) PC Muscles – As a routine, I exercised and strengthened my PC muscles. PC muscles are the muscles that can stop a stream of urine. Every day I still do 250 quick squeeze/release in a row.

My PC muscles are now so strong that I can stop ejaculation by just squeezing them. I do not squeeze the base of my penis or perineum, like some people advise, my way works better for me.

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4) Whole Body – I also learned to stimulate other parts of my body when masturbating, not just my penis. I learned to draw my sexual energy up my body when I was aroused.

During these sessions I would get very close to ejaculating and stop. I would feel this warm flow of good chemicals flood my body.

It did not happen every time, but frequently I reached this blissful state.

I must also say, since I did not ejaculate, my penis has not only become much more sensitive and pleasurable, but my erections improved tremendously.

After doing the 21- day challenge and after 10 months of learning and practicing, I now ejaculate about once every 10 to 14 days.

The benefits have been nothing short of amazing.

Here are some of the benefits I continue to experience:

  • I can get an erection on demand.
  • I am as horny as when I was 18, maybe even more now than I was back then.
  • I can make love for hours and stay erect with no pills, cock rings or injections.
  • My erections are even better, and the pleasure I feel in my penis during sex is off the charts.
  • I can masturbate 3-5 times a day, which I often do and stay hard as long as I want. Did I mention I am 67?
  • The pleasure I get from having sessions of several hours with the goal being to feel pleasure and not to ejaculate, is beyond description.
  • I feel so energized all the time, so sexual, so alive, I would never go back to feeling depleted, tired and uninterested in sex after having sex.

If more men understood this, they would not only become better lovers, but also feel much better and get much more pleasure out of sex.

Can You Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Naturally – Absolutely!!!!

As a typical male, I grew up thinking masturbation was a race to ejaculate, and even sex was something with ejaculation as the goal.

I can’t tell you what a huge fan I am of semen retention and Tantra. I would love to share this knowledge and experience with all men to restore and improve their sex lives – the benefits are amazing.

Learning any new skill takes a bit of work, willpower, and effort, especially when you are learning how not to ejaculate during intense sensation. But it’s so worth it.

A month ago I had a routine appointment with my urologist (who is not a big fan of semen retention). I asked him if it were possible to cure ED, because I no longer needed the shots or rings or even more high-powered pills.

My urologist was puzzled, he had never seen such a reversal as I experienced.

As much as I like and respect him, this could change the whole dynamic of doctors and the internet making millions of dollars on pills, and fake temporary fixes when the fix is easily within your own grasp and the process is so much fun.

The one thing I would like to learn more about is how to experience multiple orgasms and full body orgasms by spreading the sexual energy throughout my body.

I am still a work in progress, although I am loving every step of the process.

I’m curious hear from more men: Do you practice ejaculation control? If so, how do you feel? Leave your comment below.

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