Many relationships and marriages often fail because of how two people grow as the relationship matures.

There are many facets of a relationship, but two primary things happen in the cycle of every relationship.

  • The relationship either grows into love, harmony, and intimacy.


  • The relationship grows into suspicion, doubt, intolerance, which eventually leads to a break up or divorce.

Improving a relationship is an ongoing adventure, because an intimate, sexy, exciting relationship takes playfulness, creativity, and commitment.

Here Are 5 Foundations For Creating A Successful Relationship

1. Trust

There is nothing that hurts and breaks a relationship as quickly as dishonesty, because when trust is lost it motivates behaviors like criticism, rejection, and jealously.

Honesty and trust are the highest form of intimacy. If you tell a lie once then all your truths can become questionable.

 When you are honest, you produce honest actions and reactions. 

Victor Hugo once said “it’s not easy to keep silent when silence is a lie.”

2. Desire

Desire serves as the connection between love and sex. The desire we feel for the other person is an indication of the liveliness and spontaneity in our lives and relationship.

Desire is what wood is for fire. Desire without love can result in a state of longing and neediness.

3. Love 

Part of human love is mysterious, magical, free flowing, and beyond our control.

It reveals our potential to see, feel, touch, and smell, that which we’ve never dreamed of, but we have forgotten how to do this.

To truly love someone, we have to return to spontaneity, to touching each other, to holding each other and to caring for one another without thought of a preconceived outcome.

Mature love is more than just a warm feeling it’s a way of life – like creating a priceless work of art. It requires technique, patience, and above all, practice.

4. Intimacy

One of the most important sentiments of human love is intimacy, because it’s one of the most profound expressions that means, “in-to-me-see.

Intimacy is being accepting and being vulnerable. Intimacy doesn’t mean falling in love in the conventional sense of romantic infatuation, but emerging in love by understanding what makes you and your partner expand and grow together.

5. Freedom

Being in a relationship requires connectedness and aloneness. It’s a great feeling when you can maintain your freedom and independence while also remaining deeply connected to your partner.

A relationship that is based on fear emotions like jealousy, anger, insecurity, anxiety and ownership can only create doubt, suspicion, and neediness.

“No one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone. That is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it.” ~ Paulo Coelho