There is Fintech, Edtech, Greentech… and of course – Sextech. According to the Guardian, The future of Sex Tech is estimated to be worth 30 billion USD, it’s growing at 30% each year (faster than the drone industry!).


In a world of increasing self – exploration, biohacking, and human augmentation the need to push beyond the limits of what was once considered safe or conventional gives us a way to get past ‘safe’ or ‘conventional.’

Augmented reality, implants, and wearable computers are meant to push biological limits. Human augmentation is using technology to improve what the human body is capable of doing and how it appears.

When it comes to sex and sexual health, medical professionals and people in the general public are challenging the boundaries of pleasure.


“Technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt in every area of human sexuality and human sexual experience.”

This could mean addressing challenges from access to quality sex ed, sending real time kisses to your lover in a long distance relationship, or having sex with a robot… the human sexual experience is broad and diverse!


Advances in the field are taking them into the more complex domains of sex, emotions, and love.

Throughout my travels to 60+ countries I see a new sexual revolution taking place. I don’t think it’s going to look like the late 1960’s and 70’s of free love, pot and LSD.

What was once a taboo topic for over 2,000 years is slowly becoming as acceptable as Meditation and Yoga as more people crave depth, pleasure and connection.

Sure we have a long way to go, but there is no doubt there will be a new and more robust sexual revolution on an international scale.

I see this revolution happening in two parts.

1. More and more people are becoming open to experience the Eastern teachings of sexuality, the most common being Tantra  and Taoism.

Many people are recognizing that it’s not our ultimate destiny to conform to mundane social paradigms.

It’s time to replace taboo, shame, guilt, performance, and lack of emotional awareness with depth, pleasure, connection, freedom and self – love.

2. Second includes Technology in the form of AI, Teledildonics, Augmented Reality, Pleasure Implants, Mulit-sensory experiences, Immersive VR learning, DIY erotic playgrounds and a lot more.

From virtual fantasies to human augmentation, the Future of Sex and incorporating technology is the next innovation in intimacy for tech lovers.

For people faced with physical, emotional, and geographic challenges, it will offer opportunities for sexual fulfillment that might not otherwise exist.

Here is a short list of some of the intimate technological innovations coming our way according to  (The extended report is mind blowing).

The Future Of Sex

Immersive Entertainment

Virtual reality sex

Technology that blends the physical world with virtual or simulated worlds created by computers. The point is to make users feel they are truly part of the action in a customized created environment.

One form is virtual reality, which is when someone fully enters 3D environments, usually by wearing a headset.

Virtual Sex

This is when people connect through communication devices and share sexual content. This includes typed messages as well as video and voice chats both online and over the phone.

3D worlds developed by computers are an increasingly popular place to have virtual sex by using avatars, which are digital representations of players.

DIY Erotic Playgrounds

Design hyper-customizable sexual environments and bodies, turning yourself or another avatar into the ideal sexual partner inside your own personal sex world.

Countless choice lies at your fingertips, allowing you to select everything from breast and genital size to where to place your leather couch and hot tub in proximity to your stripper pole.

Alternative Sexual Communities

Meet real people in real time in non-judgmental virtual environments who want to explore new desires and kinks.

Live out your erotic fantasies in a BDSM dungeon or indulge your animalistic side by transforming yourself into a creature for zoomorphic sex.

Or why not hire an avatar escort or sex worker to try out a new form of role-play?

Virtual Reality

Sex toy developer Tenga based in Japan has gone one step further by creating a full body sex suit for men that sends impulses all over the wearer’s body to make it feel like another human is touching them.

What about us ladies?


The term “teledildonics” was coined by Ted Nelson; the man who also gave us the words “hypertext” and “hypermedia” in 1975.

A new generation of internet-enabled play toys that fall under the umbrella of teledildonics.

These toys let long-distance partners “feel” each other in real-time via data-enabled devices. The only interactive sex toys for two-way pleasure which applies forces, vibrations, or movements to the users.

A new company called Kiiroo, wants to break into the e-pleasure biz with a hardware-meets-social-media combo.

Untethered, Full-Body Sexual Gaming

Players in adult virtual worlds will embrace hands-free technology en masse so they can explore erotic landscapes with hand motions, saying goodbye to keyboards and mouse clicks.

Haptic sex toys and suits will become increasingly sophisticated in how they send and receive touch, removing any perception that virtual sex is a form of mutual masturbation.

Neurological interfaces will push immersion deeper as players interact with each other and their digital environment using brain waves.

The Future

We forget that the entire body-mind system has a biological capacity for pleasure that can be stimulated in many ways.

Are we not a walking laboratory, with millions of chemical exchanges happening every minute?

Between today’s conception of love and the sensations that await us, is this the inevitable future for getting off? Is it exciting, cutting edge, creepy, or all of the above?

With all these new Technologies the big question still remains: can these momentary pleasures produce meaningful changes in our lives?

No matter what devices we create, can technology replace the extraordinary feeling of human touch and love?

Let me know in the comments below.

“Erogenous zones and orgasms are simply the product of chemicals firing in the brain. If scientists can replicate that feeling by firing signals from an implanted chip or a brain wave headset, then it might even be the end of sex altogether.” ~ Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Candidate for US President