I was recently having a group discussion with a few friends (3 men and 2 women) when the topic of sex came up.

It always turns into an entertaining and educational discussion and sometimes into an article.

One of my lady friends was rather annoyed because she said “I don’t know why men think because they sleep with many women, they are great in bed. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

She went on to say…

“I’ve had the displeasure of having sex with a few of these men and they were horrible lovers, because it was all about them – they were selfish and greedy.”

The men were carefully listening and eventually chimed in – saying “women can be horrible lovers as well, especially when they just lay there and do nothing.”

This conversation went on for over an hour and it became a blame game, then escalated to which gender is more superior.

I eventually said “it’s not about which gender is superior over the other, at the end of the day, it’s how we choose to express our sexuality in this world.

But, because for the most part it’s still an uncomfortable or a taboo topic, it’s difficult to have open and healthy conversations.

Plus with all the misinformation out there it becomes even a more intense and complex subject.

Just like anything else in life, it’s our personal responsibility to educate ourselves about our own sexuality and then decide how we want to express it to the world.”

We generally think of sex as nothing more than a physical expression of our genitals with an end goal of orgasm.

But, what exactly is sex?

It’s more than a physical expression – it’s an expression of energy exchange – it’s our life force energy.

Our entire life is an endless cycle of sex – a constant sexual rhythm of creation and ending.

It’s an interaction between masculine and feminine energies in harmony.

Sexual desire is the most powerful human emotion and when directed properly our imagination comes alive, we cultivate courage, will- power, and creativity among many other expressions.

The way we express our sexuality is what distinguishes a physical experience from a spiritual experience. Tantra is a mystical subject that is almost impossible to define.

It’s a study of spiritual and sexual science that has no static definition.

When we choose to open ourselves up to the study of Tantra we discover many parts of ourselves that have been either repressed or not been awakened.

Tantra teaches us how to direct our energy for sexual pleasure and awareness.

Familiarity with Tantra can help a person enjoy their sex life to its full potential by dropping guilt or fear and breaking down self –imposed barriers or limiting cultural beliefs.

Tantra has a total surrender approach of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy can flow through you freely.

Tantra not only expands consciousness, it liberates it.

Tantra treats sexual energy as an ally rather than something to be suppressed or discussed behind closed doors.

It does not deny sex – in fact it embraces sex, it’s one of the few spiritual practices that states that sex is sacred and not a sin.

Sex can become a means to liberation and unity, especially when we approach it the right way.

Tantra requires us to love and honor the body and to respect the other person, as we give each other the valuable gift of unity and awareness.

Forget everything you know – let’s eavesdrop on each other’s bodies. Our bodies will talk to one another if we open our channels and allow ourselves to hear.

It’s time to evolve our sexuality by learning to express it in a way that is conscious, long lived, blissful, and not harmful.