A woman’s pleasure is a very powerful force. A woman’s overall well being is often affected by the quality of her sexual experiences.

Too many women are not experiencing the pleasures they crave during lovemaking. This is partly because many men are only physically present, but energetically absent.

Often lovemaking is a genital affair of hard and fast sex. There is a time and place for that too.

But for a woman to bond and surrender to you, she needs your presence, strength, your masculine energy and your firmness to be unrestricted. Only then can she surrender herself to you.

Most women are attracted to the sensuality of sex – not only to the sex act itself, but to the richness of the whole experience – touching, tasting, candle light, music, scents.

Making love is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Awareness and attitude can intensify both partners’ sexual experience and pleasure.

Here are some suggestions you can immediately add to your love life to become a Confident Lover.

1) Fantasy Can Be the Poetry of Sex 

Her biggest sexual organ is her mind. Awaken her inner lover by turning on her imagination, before stimulating her clitoris.

Provoking her imagination creates anticipation, because her mind will start racing with the possibilities of what might happen when your bodies come together.

2) The Power Of Touch

A good lover’s hands never stop moving. A woman’s sexuality is spread throughout her body.

A lot of women love being touched, because it makes them feel desired, attractive, relaxed, sensual and sexual.

Touching her sensually allows you to learn which areas she likes teased and touched.

Every woman receives pleasure differently, and most women love to be nurtured, teased and touched before they are “pleased.”

3) Surrendering To You 

For a woman to melt into the experience, she has to allow herself to let go and be completely open. The only way she can be taken with intense pleasure is to be relaxed in your presence.

This means she has to trust and feel you. Not just feel you inside her, but feel your presence. She has to feel that you are capable of providing safe space for her to completely let go.

4) Performing Vs. Deep Penetration

Penetrate her body with yours when she’s ready to receive you. Practice many styles of penetrative thrusts – shallow and deep, fast and slow, filling her with the strength of your body and being continuously sensitive to her responses.

A man is turned on by a woman’s smile, moans, the way she moves, and her radiant energy.

A woman is turned on by a man’s depth of presence and his attentiveness to her.

Are you putting on a show to impress her? When you perform, you put too much pressure on yourself and can’t relax enough to enjoy anything.

Making love is sensual, not just physical. It’s not an exercise. It’s an erotically pleasurable journey of discovery.

Be relaxed, natural, and open. When you are yourself, things will flow effortlessly.

When you remain relaxed and “in the moment” with your lover, you will give her far more pleasure than you ever could by only mastering a new technique.

5)Become a Confident Lover

Open your heart and your mind to new possibilities of pleasure as you expand your sexual horizons.

In your everyday life as well as in your love life, practice opening yourself and giving your deepest talents in the midst of the moment – to – moment challenges.

Cover Image By: Tomasz Zienkiewicz