There are generally two types of lovers –  pounders and pleasers.

Pounders are generally the type of lovers who thrust their penises in and out as quickly as they can. They start fast and finish fast.

The pounder shows no sensitivity toward his lover or any finesse in his moves. There is no emotion behind his motion.

One woman explained – she feels as if such a man is only capable of expressing his dark side filled with rage rather than love. That’s the type of lover she never wants to see again, because she can never feel comfortable or safe with him.

The pleaser on the other hand is admired for his ability to know how to touch, stroke, and tickle a woman’s fantasy. He knows exactly how to use his erection as an instrument to communicate passion.

Great ‘CocksManship’ is about expression – it’s about using your penis as a tool to communicate the passion you feel or the love you have for your lover.

Sex is about feeling… not about performing.

Here are Four CocksManship Tips to help you become a better lover.

CocksManship Tip #1:

Don’t use Porn as a reference. Porn may be a good masturbation tool and sometimes indulging entertainment, but it’s a horrible point of reference.

If you are going in-and-out as quickly as possible, without any rhythm, and thrusting with maximum force you will lack focus and have no awareness of her erogenous zones.

You can NOT become a great lover watching actors whose sole purpose is to arouse the viewer – not their partner.

CocksManship Tip #2:

Lovemaking is ultimately a dance of two bodies in rhythm and harmony. It’s not supposed to be mechanical, predictable or artless – it’s not a performance.  If you start off with hard, quick and deep insertions where are you going to go from there?

Give yourself slowly and passionately so you have time to increase your speed, intensity, depth and rhythm. How can you increase anything if you are give everything in the beginning?

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to quickies.

CocksManship Tip #3:

Sensitize her body with your touch, lips, bites and licks.  You sensitize her body by keeping things to a minimum in the beginning, because for women anticipation is everything.

CocksManship Tip #4:

Your Penis is your sexual energy and it has the capability to produce a wide range of feelings in women, as well as orgasms of many types.

Great lovemaking is ultimately body language. You have something of real value to offer, don’t give yourself away all at once and most importantly don’t undervalue what you offer as a lover.