One the greatest and most powerful source of energy is our sexuality, and like many things in nature there is a light and dark side.

  • Life – Death
  • Day – Night
  • Sun – Moon
  • Active – Passive
  • Hot – Cold

But dark doesn’t always mean demonic or bad, instead it’s a reference to polarities. What is commonly referred to as dark sexual energy is often our primal animalistic force, which resides in the physical body.

Light sexual energy resides in the spiritual self.

For example:

Your dark sexual energy is the side of you that wants to explore things like: kink, fetishes, role-play, and ravish your partner.

Your light sexual energy wants to connect on a deeper level while you make love for hours gazing in each other’s eyes and syncing your breath.

But neither of these energies is good or bad, because we have access to both. Depending on the scenario and arousal levels we can choose which energy to access from moment to moment.

Sexuality is far too personal and subjective – it’s hard to say one is better than the other. We have to try both to see what works best for us.

The imbalance of these energies often comes from our own sexual hang-ups because we restrict ourselves from exploring and opening.

For example:

Learned Behaviors and Cultural Taboos

Feelings like guilt, shame, cultural taboos, and self-criticism are learned behaviors – its most destructive result is to turn pleasure into something unclean.

Rather than listening to external sources telling us how we should feel about our sexuality, why not take the time to explore how you actually feel?

Pleasure is better than frustration.

Once you’re confident with your sexuality, it becomes easier rejecting anything that doesn’t feel good to you – without judging it.

Feeling Embarrassed While Talking about Sex

Throughout my travels I have seen this so many times and how embarrassed people get from having an open and honest conversation.

This causes so much confusion and misinformation. If you can’t communicate what you like, how can you expect your partner to give you pleasure?

Judging Others For Their Openness

Criticizing others for their sexual tastes and beliefs. Lacking a sense of openness to understand people who have different sexual preferences, because you feel uncomfortable with their choices or perhaps your own.

Labeling things like role-play, fetishes, dirty talk, rough sex, kinkiness, mutual masturbation, or anything that seems out of the ordinary as ‘dirty’ or ‘dark’ often suppresses your own sexual expression and leaves you in a state of confusion.

What you don’t realize is, one day you may meet someone and decide you want to explore those things, so it’s best to keep an open mind.

These hang-ups often prevent us from connecting fully with our own sexual expression and sexual energies.

Creating Freedom and Balance

Without creating freedom you can’t have balance. To create freedom you must first free yourself from judgments or suppression.

This allows you to open up to your sexual nature and be more accepting of your tastes without being influenced by your imposed judgments and self –criticism.

I am not suggesting that you need to be kinky or try things you know are NOT comfortable doing, it may not be your style and that’s fine.

But don’t hold yourself back from your authentic sexual nature. Taking control of your mind, being open takes courage and receptiveness.

You are letting go of your rigid beliefs (that may not be yours to begin with), fears, pre-conceived notions, and anything else you may be holding you back.

Our sexual energy is our life force energy. It’s creative energy that translates into so many parts of our lives.

When we suppress this energy we lose our magnetism and charisma. We need magnetism to arouse attraction.

When two intimate partners are able to openly switch between light and dark– masculine and feminine sexual energies …this is where magic happens.