7 Mistakes in bed

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you a great lover?

Do you remember the first time you actually made love? Do you still feel that passion even now? Do you enjoy making love or do you do it as if you are performing a ritual?

Here are the Top “7″ Mistakes Men Make in Bed Unknowingly.
  1. BORING Routine

Making love is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but like everything else, it can quickly become a routine. Routines become boring because we are no longer able to express our sexual energy.

We start this way and we finish that way…time and time again. Where is the fun and playfulness in that?

When you have abundance of new ideas, you’ll re-discover sex and enjoy a more passionate connection with your lover.

If you surprise her on a Sunday afternoon, then you are adding an element of uncertainty. This heightens the intensity and pleasure of making love.

When you are playful, you reignite passion and rediscover the pleasure of making love without a script. The result? She’ll want more and so will you because it’s always a surprise.

  1. Performance vs. Pleasing

Are you putting on a show to impress her? Do you picture yourself acting in a porn movie?

When you do this, you put too much pressure on yourself and how you perform. Instead, focus on giving and receiving pleasure.

Making love is sensual, not just physical. It’s not an exercise. It’s a sensual journey of discovery.

Touch and kiss her in places you’ve never done before. Be aware of how she smells, the way she moves, her breath, her eyes and you will give more pleasure than you ever could by mastering a new technique.

Be relaxed, natural, and open. When you are being yourself, things just flow effortlessly.

  1. Arousing Her vs. Convincing Her

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to convince her to make love. When you are trying to convince her – in her mind, this translates into a job, something she has to do to please you vs. something she wants to do with you. Instead, focus on igniting her sexual arousal.

Try whispering something naughty in her ear then walking away. The thrill will drive her wild.

Sexual attraction is mostly emotional and often subconscious. Logic has no place in romance.

Deep passionate kisses are one of the best ways to turn her on. Looking in her eyes and touching her slowly and sensually builds emotional connection. There is no need to rush.

  1. Focusing ONLY on Penetration

A woman’s sexuality is diffused all over her body. Penetration alone will not be exciting for her if she’s not properly aroused and ready to accept your penis.

For her, lovemaking is a full body experience, so take the time to find all her juicy spots and awaken her sexual energy.

  1. Short Foreplay – Warming Up to Lovemaking

When most men think of foreplay they think of it as a job. For some men, just the word foreplay kills their mood.

Warming up to lovemaking is important because it allows time for natural attraction to arise. It’s especially important for women because their sexuality is dispersed all over their body.

 What is Foreplay?

Teasing + anticipation + magnifying the experience = Foreplay

After all, the best part about lovemaking is everything that happens before, because it intensifies the sexual experience.

  1. Going Against the Natural Flow

When great sex comes naturally, relaxation flows all over the body. If you are trying to force anything to happen, you will become tense and nervous.

If you have any guilt or shame about your desires, you will radiate nervousness. Women are more sensitive to these subconscious vibes than men.

Great sex is unconscious. It’s completely natural and animalistic. If you want to change positions or try something new in the moment, go for it – if it feels right – don’t over analyze things.

  1. Embarrassment

You have nothing to be ashamed of, keep an open mind as you expand your sexual horizons.

If you feel embarrassed she will sense this and it will make you look inadequate. You have so much to offer her. Open your heart and your mind to new possibilities.

Practice makes perfect, they say, but when it comes to making love, awareness and attitude can multiply both partners’ sexual pleasure and experience.

Keep your mind open and don’t waste all that energy in grinding and grunting and making these mistakes in bed.