Every person, man or woman has divine feminine and divine masculine energies within. From these archetypal energies we manifest our conscious thoughts, desires, plans, behaviors, and agendas.

Depending on the situation, we channel either our masculine or our feminine energy to better serve us in that moment.

Today, I am going to talk about the divine masculine energy, because every man is a unique expression of the divine masculine.

Coming into alignment with your masculine energy is not about fitting into a typical idea of what masculine is or isn’t.

Some men define masculinity as being arrogant and condescending. This has nothing to do with masculinity.

The goal is to awaken the highest aspect of your masculinity, instead of being testosterone driven, competitive egomaniac (there are many world leaders that can be listed in this category alone).

For thousands of years masculinity has been publicized as vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking, which means that domination, patriarchy, competitive hierarchy and control rule. These are NOT qualities that divine masculinity represents.

Divine Masculinity represents:

  • Purpose & Clarity
  • Direction & Focus
  • Self & Community
  • Generosity & Fatherhood
  • Growth & Transformation
  • Intellect & Consciousness
  • Strength & Encouragement

Deepening your Masculine Core

Feel Your Woman

# 1. Define Your Purpose

“Feminine energy is attracted to a masculine energy that thrives on finding, and pursuing his purpose and living that purpose” ~ David Deida.

If you are unfocused or unclear of your purpose your actions become vague. There is no structure in your world and the feminine can’t relax in your presence, because she has to create structure for herself.

This makes it very difficult for the feminine energy to trust and follow you. It creates tension.

A wise man once told me, “A focused man is like a train, he’s going somewhere.”

# 2. Identify Your Sexual Energy

 Identifying your natural sexual energy will allow you to offer that essence in your relationship to create strong sexual passion. Do you feel more comfortable in your masculine or feminine energy during sex?

For example, men whose masculine energy is dominant find it difficult to relax, give up control and receive pleasure without giving anything in return.

This is completely understandable because the masculine energy thrives on creating a goal, following a purpose and focuses on getting it done with presence and determination.

# 3. Meditation & Consciousness

Become aware of your distractions and unconscious behaviors. To deepen your masculine energy, being present, having alone and quiet time to do nothing is essential.

The more your mind is able to be still the more you experience joy, gratitude and contentment. The feminine trusts the masculine that is present and conscious.

#4. Breathing & Exercise

The first step to awaking your inner lover is through your breath. Conscious breathing and breathing deeply from your belly allows you to connect with your physical sensations and to amplify them. It gives you the ability to experience your inner vibrations.

During lovemaking you can redirect your breath to any part of your body to enhance your sexual experience.

Physical exercise is also very important for the masculine, because he thrives on movement, which gives him clarity.

#5. Confidence & Posture

Confidence is forward moving energy. The way you stand and move is a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself.

Your posture is body language that radiates confidence, masculinity and purpose. You can use your body language to create mental confidence.

#6. Choosing Your Divine Feminine

Choosing a partner is very important to a man with a purpose. What qualities do you look for in a woman?

  • Is she willing to consistently grow and work on herself?
  • Does she have a mindset of lifetime improvement?
  • Is she comfortable in her own skin? Comfortable doesn’t mean arrogant.

Take the time to get to know her, but learn about women in general. Understand her cultural conditionings; learn about her body, and most importantly learn about her desires.

# 7. Give Your Masculine as a Gift
 to the Feminine

Practicing your divine masculine is an incredible gift to the feminine, because you are clear, you have a purpose, and you are going somewhere.

Acknowledging, and expanding into your divine masculine will give you a strong sense of purpose, more passion and a deeper understanding of your relationships. Best of all you can share this amazing gift with the world.

As a woman who understands the masculine and feminine energies, I can tell you there is nothing more addictive and intoxicating than being in the presence of a man who’s divine masculinity shines through effortlessly.

 Inside art by | Android Jones