Two years ago when I was attending a Tao and Tantra workshop, I kept hearing the term “Sacred Sexuality.” I had a very basic understanding of what this meant, but didn’t fully comprehend its significance.

While I’ve deeply felt the difference between casual sex and emotionally connected sex, I didn’t know how to describe it.

The dictionary defines the word ‘sacred’ as “made or declared holy, dedicated or devoted exclusively to a use, purpose, or person worthy of reverence or respect.”

Patriarchal religions have defined sacred and spiritual as being separate from the body, from nature, and certainly from sex. And yet, what expression and name do we commonly whisper or shout at the point of an orgasm? (Oh-GOD)…

In Tantric teachings, the word sacred refers to the ‘spirit’ and sexuality refers to the ‘body.’ Sacred sex is the exchange of sexual energy that goes beyond the physical sensations of pleasure and genital orgasms.

I learned sex is sacred because of its role in accessing peak experiences of oneness, bliss, and deep love.

When we access expanded states of consciousness through sex, we honor the body, instead of trying to deny its natural sexual impulses.

Sex becomes sacred because of its bonding role, which profoundly opens our heart as a result. When we bond with someone, we form a lasting connection and feel a strong sense of purpose, appreciation, caring, and intimacy.

A sacred sexual experience is at times a conscious practice and a great excuse to slow down and deeply feel the experience of each moment.

When we slow down we awaken all of the senses, tune into subtle energy, let go of fear, shame, judgment, doubt, and blame.

Sacred sexuality teaches us the importance of personal boundaries, responsibility, self-empowerment, and releasing control.

Sacred Sexuality is about sharing and exploring an intimate connection between two people – fueled by love.

In sacred sexuality, all characteristics of our being (emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, and physical) are used to arouse the fullest experience possible.

This high vibrational energy has us feeling unconditional love for all people and things – living in a truly blissful state of being.Through out the years I’ve learned how hardwired we are for pleasure, intimacy, and connection.

We have a deep longing to be appreciated, validated, valued, and accepted. The practice of sacred sexuality requires self-awareness, emotional maturity to set healthy boundaries and a few key essentials:

  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Surrender
  • Responsibility
  • Communication

How do we cultivate the intelligence and the desire to bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality? First, by upgrading our thinking and abandoning old patterns and perceptions.

Then replacing it with an evolved belief system about sex. We tend to fall into rigid patterns where curiosity, and exploration are forgotten.

We should be searching for expressions of sexuality that are evolved, long lived, ecstatic, and not harmful.

The old system is outdated and ineffective, the time has come to introduce and learn a new and evolved version of having sex. With this higher consciousness, we become more keenly aware that we are all more than bodies.

We are a forever- evolving embodiment, which can continuously elevate us to greater heights with boundless plateaus.