Youtube terminated my channel after 3 years without any prior notice:

  • There were no strikes on the account
  • No emails of any wrongdoing or warning
  • The channel was set for an 18+ audience
  • We followed all the community guidelines

And poof our entire work and the videos we spend hours creating, gone without an explanation.

If our content was violating any of their community guidelines why did they allow it to stay up for 3 years and why does similar content still exist from other creators?

Not all videos are created equally and if one video is violating community guidelines then take down the video, but not the entire channel.

The worst part is, that a ‘bot’ decided that my channel is not fit for youtube anymore.

I tried appealing four times and each time the same ‘bot’ replied with the same answer and zero explanation within 15 min.

Our Letter

This is the letter we tried to send them, but we really had to narrow it down since their system only allows 1,000 characters.

Dear Youtube,

We were surprised and alarmed to receive your violations notification again regarding the 18+ service offerings on our channel. 

We responded immediately because of our initial shock but since then we have convened our technical, content and legal staff for a detailed review of the assertions and claims of violations of your content rules.

After meticulously going through all of our content historically and present, reviewing similar related and relevant sites in the same space (see links below), your published policies, our database of notifications, and your newly asserted claims, we are baffled at your drawn conclusions.

With all due respect it is our humble opinion that your reviewing committee of ‘bot’s acted hastily in reviewing our account which lead them to terminate our account especially after our collected review of published under 18+ policy  guidelines.

In our review we cannot find any guideline or policy violations and we strongly request you to please assist us with some specifics which would enable us to identify and address any and all issues so as to enable us to implement corrective actions immediately to remedy the situation ASAP. Without your input in this matter we are at an absolute loss as to what you think we have done, or how to address it and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

To be clear, there are no strikes against our account or even a single notification or infraction against our account. In addition, there were no emails sent to us warning us of such violations.

The channel is set for an 18+ audience and so were the videos, as we are an education company not a pornography company and in fact we discourage pornography at every level in our organization. 

Your message stated, “Your account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual content. YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content.”

In all the videos (with the exception of one demo video) the host is fully clothed talking about many different topics in regards to sexual wellness and education. Please tell us how that classifies as porn, nudity or provocative content? 

We are fully aware that Youtube is not the place for pornographic content, that is exactly why our content is on Youtube and NOT on Pornhub or other porn sites, because our content is NOT porn or proactive content – it’s educational, there is a BIG difference between the two.

This feels like a personal attack on the ConfidentLovers channel since similar content, videos and channels continue to exist on your platform.

Just like this channel that is soft porn for children – No 18+ requirement and currently on youtube: Clearly NOT safe for ‘all audiences’

Similar Channels and videos:

At the moment we are not willing to pursue with legal action to correct this error in judgement, we only want to be reinstated and be compliant so we can continue our respectable educational enterprise, however if you fail to reply then we’ll have no choice.