Our Motto


“Every decision in our life is controlled by our beliefs and values. We have the power to choose what we believe about our work, life, people, money, health, etc. And what we value is what we focus on.” ~Tony Robbins

We Embrace Change

Everything is impermanent and change is constant.

We stay curious because information is always changing. We are constantly growing, evolving and learning new things.


We Are Fun, Curious, Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded

We reject the myth of conformity and encourage the creation and flow of ideas. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Curiosity is our driving force. We are always asking ourselves “when was the last time you did something for the first time?”

We pursue growth and learning and sometimes we take chances, because we know it is okay to admit when we are wrong.


We Sell Stuff & Love What We Do

Great work comes from loving what you do. We are deeply passionate about our products and heavily invested in our art.

We live and breathe our art. We are always exploring new ideas while staying playful, and not taking ourselves to seriously.


Be Your Own Customer.

You are the reason we exist and you are helping us create meaningful change in this world. We built relationships through authenticity and transparency and are obsessed about customer happiness.


We Take Care of People Before Numbers.

Numbers are important to make business decisions and we agree with that. But we don’t compromise the value of our people, because we believe that together everyone achieves more.

We like to have a family spirit. Our employees are our greatest assets. Happy employees make for happy customers and what’s in the inside shows up on the outside.


Create Lasting Change In The World

Our aim is to challenge the status quo, because most of us don’t benefit from living in a world full of taboos. We can’t grow or evolve if we don’t ask questions, challenge existing views, and belief systems.


We Are All About Trust

Trust and honesty is the soul of every company. Without trust there can be no sustainable business. Any relationship without trust is NOT a relationship.

We are honest with each other and our clients. We like to speak clearly. If we make mistakes, we take responsibility and fix it.


We Don’t Do Mediocrity

We’re really proud of our work and passionately invested in our products. We put a lot of time, thought and effort into everything we make.

We love exceeding expectations. Our goal is to make lasting changes in people’s lives.