The primary purpose of a breast and yoni massage is to establish a profound connection, promote relaxation, and facilitate healing.

Engaging in the practice of giving and receiving this type of massage can help the receiver tap into her erotic energy and learn to fully relax into pleasure.

The massage often includes elements of meditation, breath work, deep guided relaxation, which also incorporates the use of oils and music.

Confident Lovers Breast & Yoni Massage Benefits

Breast Massage

For many women her breasts and nipples are an incredible source of exquisite pleasure. The nipples alone have over 800 nerve endings.

Every woman receives different kinds of sensation when having her breasts touched, stroked or massaged.

Sometimes she can go into a deep meditative state, another time she can experience very powerful nipple orgasms, or she may not feel anything at all.

How much pleasure or sensation she experiences can be very different every time as her responses depend on her monthly cycle as well as her openness to receive this type of touch.

For many women this type of breast massage allows her body to relax and open, which can create excitement, receptivity and wetness in her vagina.

A woman’s breasts are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of her body. It’s her primal centers for feelings, emotions, nourishment and love.

Yoni Massage

Yoni” is the Sanskrit word used to describe female genitalia which means “sacred space.” It’s symbol has been worshiped in Eastern cultures since ancient times for giving life, creativity and love.

This type of sensual massage will nourish her mind, body and spirit as she relaxes into your pleasuring hands and allows herself to gradually experience exquisite pleasure.

  • She learns how to deeply relax into pleasure and feel her body like never before.
  • Her lover learns how to bring her into a state of sexual safety, ecstasy and comfort so all her mental and emotional worries are released.
  • She learns how to feel subtle sensations including waves or orgasmic energy.
  • Her lover learns how to read her body and respond with the right touch and stimulation.

Check Out Our Erotic Touch Video Course

ConfidentLovers- Erotic Touch Video Course

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This is when your touch becomes language, because the different hand strokes provide variety of sensations.

When you master the skill of giving your lover this type of Erotic touch you prepare your lovers body for higher states of pleasure.

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